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LLU House, Chile

The project is proposed with the concept of a “Family Lodge”, which aims to house a complete family of 4 generations, and friends. Located in the south of Chile, in the Region of Los Ríos, which is a very rainy place. The first words are; “a mantle to protect from the rain”, inspired by the precarious tents, which are made by the local lumberjacks, in the forest. With a nylon tensioned by threads, and sometimes with a central pillar to let the water run off the simple construction.

The house stands on a structure of steel pillars, which take the shape of the landscape, creating a space underneath, for the service facilities, a barbecue area and hot tub. The central element of the first level, is the access and common area, with the kitchen integrated with the dining and living room, raised in the concept of “ga-loft – mix of the North American loft with the traditional shed of the south of Chile. All accesses are done in steel ramps with a wood cladding.

This mix of local and contemporary typologies is made using a contemporary language, with the picturesque views offered by the place and the location in the landscape. Language achieved through these pavilions, linked together by the “mantle”, geometrized fuselage, coated on the outside in steel plates worked in situ, which were left to oxidized naturally and were then sealed once they took the desired color.

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