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Badminton Club, Guntur

The building is intended for a posh club at Guntur. As an extension to the club, the members have teamed up with group of coaches from singapore/thailand to construct a badminton academy. Accommodations are provided in the form of luxury rooms for the coaches and visiting players. The badminton court also is intended to host national level games and is to be designed as per the norms.

The Vision
Considering the accessible roof load and that the building was to be designed as per national norms for badminton courts, structural aspects regarding, depth of trusses, spacing, decking system etc. have been intimated to the architect on basis of which the design started.

Lavaram Devineni was the architect taken on board for a generic design to the badminton court. The court roof was an 18-meter clear span slab on top of which open banquet hall has been planned.

The architect and the Consultant from Urban Shaastra design studio, were consulting Chukkapalli Ramesh (Secretary, Guntur club and also Director (Phoenix group) as they had their expertise in designing complex buildings.

Inimitable Features
The standout feature for the building is that; it is the first badminton court in the country with an accessible roof and the steel structure, foundation and the slab has been completed within an astonishing budget of 640Rs/Sft.

The Encounters
Since, the site had black cotton soil as its top strata with clear spans and loads, the number of under reamed piles required (if the structure were to be RCC) was quite high as the foundation cost was increasing drastically. A steel structure was proposed, with lesser weights considering the ground water table level, it was subjected to use racker piles.

Clients had given a strict budget upon which the need to look at cutting down the dead weight of the structure thereby reducing foundation cost. Also, steel structure erection in already enclosed area with 18m span trusses is also a challenge.

Steel the essence
Structural Steel was the only option which resolved three of the major concern which would have arised in case it would be a RCC design. Foam work for the slab at a height of 33 feet, heavy foundation loads thereby increasing piling cost and post tensioned slabs with lesser depth have lesser natural frequency. All the three are addressed with structural steel where used a lattice truss system where the intended deflection control and the vibration control was achieved.

For buildings with strict geometrical and loading constraints, only structural steel could provide economical and sustainable solution without compromise on the quality control. Contrary to the belief that structural steel solutions may not reach enough for contractors and builders. In Non-metro cities, it is quite practical, easy to convince clients as long as the cost benefit shows. In the tier 2/3, towns and cities, the workmanship for concrete structures is quite bad and the timelines for project are often exceed by long periods. If the common belief among people regarding corrosion, firefighting of steel buildings can be removed, then this would increase the scope for structural steel buildings in the near future.

To cut down the pricing, hot rolled beams and Tata Structura pipes are used in design. Both have been procured from nearest dealer. The fabrication and erection work have been assigned to Velox Ingenium Infra Pvt Ltd.


Fact File
Consultant: Urban Shaastra Design Studio
Fabricator: Velox Ingenium Infra Pvt Ltd.
Steel Supplier : Tata Steel
Area : 32,000 Sft
Tonnage : 202 Tons
Status : Completed

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