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The Mandovi Shipyard Warehouse, Goa

Established in the year 1993, Mandovi Drydocks has become one of the most widely respected full-service shipyard in Goa. Situated at the bank of the river Mandovi, the shipyard is strategically located to service the repair, modification and new build needs of its customers.

Commitment To Excellence
From the inception of Mandovi Drydocks, the Company’s philosophy has revolved around its commitment to giving its clients an optimum level of service that incorporates a highly competitive rates structure combined to an enviable service ethic. These two key factors combined with its founder ’s unquestionable integrity, has enabled Mandovi Drydocks to consistently expand.

Expansion Plans
Initially started as a repair and dry docking shipyard, later it went in new constructions of all types of marine vessels. The shipyard has taken major dry docking repair for various types of vessels. The shipyard has repaired and dry docked barges, ferry boats, fishing trawlers, patrol boats, catamarans, mini bulk carriers, pontoons, dredgers, tugs, fiberglass boats.

Expanding further, the Company decided to create a space wherein it could be used to store critical components and repairs of its ships. They were in search of a warehouse solution that would not only be qualitative, but, could also be a cost-effective solution. After doing good research and analysis, it was concluded that using Tata Structura’s hollow section would be the best-fit solution to erect their warehouse, keeping in mind all the possible structural and environmental requirements.

Opening of New Doors
Tata Structura, the unique hollow sections from Tata Steel, has opened up new doors for great possibilities in the construction sector in India. Designers architects and structural engineers now enjoy the privilege of having opportunities to experiment with innovative designs and reinvent the art of architectural creations. Tata Structura has made it possible to explore beyond the familiar.

Setting A Tone
One such example is the Mandovi Shipyard Warehouse in Goa. The project demanded design economy, but, at the same time the aesthetic aspect could not be over looked as well. The structure was supposed to have a 25m (80m length-wise) span which meant structural strength of the structure was of primary importance.

In Pursuit of Quality Solution
Tata Structura provided the answer to the quest for a suitable product, and there was no need to look further. As expected, the brand did not disappoint with its dependable strength and quality. Approximately, 200 tonnes of steel were used in the construction work. The steel members used were 122x61x3.6, 91.5×91.5×3.6, 72x72x4, 60x40x3.6 and 38x38x3.2. Tata Structura successfully provided the structure solid support with its high-strength, light-weight hollow sections that came with superior and consistent quality. What’s more, the overall cost of the construction came down significantly due to reduction in steel tonnage.

Setting An Example
Once again Tata Structura shined by providing practical innovative and cost-effective solutions, setting a benchmark in the construction sector. Today, the Mandovi Warehouse stands tall as a perfect example of the relevance of Tata Structura in meeting the challenges in the construction sector of emerging India.

At Tata Steel, we incessantly strive to provide relevant solutions to our customers’ needs that can help them pursue their goals and realize their architectural dreams. Tata Structura is one such product that has successfully changed the complexion of the construction sector in India. I am happy and proud that the brand has proved its worth by being an integral part of the Mandovi Shipyard Warehouse, and played a significant role in making the project a success.

Chief of Marketing & Sales Tubes SBU, Tata Steel

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