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Global Training Center, Capgemini, Hinjewadi

The program brief was to build a campus to house a trainee population of 2000 and train them after their induction into the company and thus transit them to various locations around the world , the training block thus becomes the fulcrum of the project and the company acting as an incubatory facility from where they migrate to the development block and the other amenities were laid out to complement these two main facilities, the customer experience centre is to impart an unique experience to the prestigious clientele of the company.

Situated at
The project is prominently located in the IT Hub of Pune, Hinjewadi an SEZ Zone. The project location serves the likes of Cognizant Technologies, Ascendas also being among DSP Design’s marquee clientele. Owing to the wild slopes in the site the design team analysis led to the understanding that around 40% of the site was rendered unusable and unsuitable. Apart from their study of the site, enabled them to understand and identify a unique and naturally formed landscaped underbelly which was well and truly worthy of a design exploration that enabled to execute the design to a unique dimension.

Design Style
It is an environmentally friendly, sustainably performing facility, which imbibes a deep sense of behavioral elements into the design making, and has a lot of interactive spaces around and within the building envelope. Working the flow chart made the design team really understand the flow and interfacing of blocks with each other, the patch diagram made them understand the flow between the different user blocks, thus the development blocks were strategically placed in the front, the experience centre was sandwiched between the DB and TCEC, the amenities were set back inside all these spaces were catalyzed by the event space which held and wove all these spaces together.

Structural Essence
The structural elements of the canopy which by itself covers approximately half an acre area, which includes the training block, cafeteria and amphitheater, acts as a grand umbrella that imparts a promenade like feel to the entire campus. The structural elements weave the blocks around an event space, which is landscaped bowl, which in turn houses interesting elements like the amphitheater and play courts.

The natural contour became the generator in stacking the blocks, to optimize on cutting and filling and to house 2000 cars 4 levels of car-parking floors were introduced into the contours, the podium became the platform to weave all the main blocks and strategically offer views towards the landscaped underbelly the amenity blocks were placed to experience the landscaped bowl , the service apartment which is a boarding facility is placed on the highest contour point to get a unhindered view of the reserve forest and greens beyond.

Development-Block: The DB prototype has two types of iteration the structure and the massing is typical of each other, the height varies with respect to each variant, which again is a result of the no. of inhabitants, the first variant is a G+14 structure and the 2nd variant is G+7 structure.

The blocks were placed in such a manner as to create a lot of positive spaces around each other. The podium was to act as a landscaped promenade which was to connect all the blocks like an extended street. The inter-connective bridges apart from acting as connecting elements between the blocks adds a micro urban setting and feel to the whole cluster. When one arrives at the roundabout to enter the campus the DB 01 catches the imagination of the visitors owing to its sheer volume, it is surrounded by shorter buildings which interconnects with the other blocks creating a micro urban set up around the cluster. The building mass is intentionally lifted upon stilts to create a promenade effect and also to link all the blocks through landscaped greens which is accessible and turns out to be like a town square which is shaded and buffered with green.

Training Block: a single prototype of the training block was to house a population of 500 trainees from diverse backgrounds, intentionally the blocks were laid out in a manner where positive outdoor spaces will be shaded and act as a promenade to enable interaction amongst trainees.

Architecturally the TCEC blocks were perceived as a single block, which was to be brought together by a grand umbrella towering the 4 training blocks. The canopy was to offer a grand sense of arrival apart from making a bold architectural statement. At the ground level, all these blocks were to connect with each other through the landscape podium garden, the garden, the connection being established by raising the blocks on stilts.

Amenities and Landscape: The amenity blocks were scattered around the natural landscaped bowl the cafeteria blocks were placed in a manner such that it acquires an unhindered view towards the landscaped bowl, while the service apartment blocks got unhindered views of the reserve forest ahead. The blocks despite being scattered across the landscape bowl were interestingly brought together by the grand connecting chatri which offers shade to spill out space around the cafeteria blocks and clubhouse. The service apartments are scooped rectangular block with lots of breakout terraces at various levels offering interactive spaces.

Steel usage
Combinations of ISMBs and ISMCs were used. Unitized assembly technique was used, especially integrating with ACP cladding and galvalume cladding that come as panels, which are then installed and sealed with gaskets. The unitized design of the system is a major challenge. The inward slope and the panel subdivisions were critical aspects of the design; BIM was deployed exclusively to overcome this challenge.

Fact File
Function: Commercial
Architect: DSP Design Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Design Consultant: Vastech Consultants
Executing Team: L&T EDRC
Tonnage: 150 MT
Status: Completed

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