Other News

BMW Welt, Germany

With the launch of BMW Welt, the German car manufacturer has elevated buying a car from mere transaction to ritualistic experience. This landmark building, situated on a highly visible site between Munich’s Olympic Park and the BMW headquarters, is designed to embrace visitors entirely into the world of BMW. Buyers […]

Control Club, Berlin

Located in the historical center of Bucharest, the 19th century house that now hosts the Control Club used to be the famous Berlin restaurant, very popular in the socialist era. Control Club is likely considered, at the moment, the most popular live music club in Bucharest. The project aim for […]

Monument Building, London

A new Grade A office development has quickly taken shape adjacent to one of the capital’s most famous landmarks – the Monument, which was erected to commemorate the Great Fire of London. All of the upper floors of this nine-storey structure will accommodate offices, some of which – floors four, […]