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Steel A Multifaceted Material

Structural steel is very flexible which can be moulded into any shape, without changing its properties and can be converted into sheets or turned into wires as per the design requirement. It is relatively cheap compared to other building materials. It also accelerates the construction process unlike any other conventional […]

Atmosphere, Kolkata

Atmosphere is conceptualized as an ultra-luxurious residential project with 80 villas and with a vision that each villa should be unique. The structure is an icon for its overall vision, the architecture expression and the engineering determination. Deya enthralls that moment of inspiration, and it make the dream float through […]

  A global real estate player whose enduring projects is their identification. This has also made them as one of the market players of Ahmedabad. Going Green is their motto with they have and are implementing in all their works along with its prime focus of customer satisfaction. To speak […]

911 Villa, Vietnam

Inspired by Villa Savoye and the openness of vernacular architecture, the house is a steel box sitting resting above columns, freeing up the ground floor space. The design is an answer to the minimal contemporary lifestyle of the young professional, who possesses an extensive collection of cars in the tropical […]

Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel, China

The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental hotel has opened within an 88-metre-deep abandoned quarry near Shanghai. Designed by London and Shanghai based Jade + QA, the 337-room hotel descends 16 storeys below ground level, within the former quarry and is described by the studio as a ground scraper. The concept for the […]

Boxen, Stockholm

Boxen, the new studio gallery at ArkDes, the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm, is a robust machine for fast-changing, experimental exhibitions. It is a structure that can be used in its entirety inside and out, from bottom to top, by both exhibitors and audience as a tactile, physically […]

Burj Jumeira, Dubai

Visuals have been released of Burj Jumeira, a 550-metre-tall split-volume skyscraper in Dubai that will rise from a lake shaped like the fingerprint of the emirate’s ruler. Unveiled by state-owned Dubai Holding, the supertall skyscraper has been dubbed as the “new icon in Dubai’s skyline”. It will be located on […]

Steel – A Sustainable Material

Steel can be reused and molded. It is strong and flexible in terms of sizes and shapes making its application more efficient in many industries including architecture. The various possibilities of the form, from steel components is another feature that makes the structure looks lighter and spaces looks interesting with […]

Aquatic Gallery, Science City, Ahmedabad

The upcoming Aquatic Gallery at Science city is a 5th generation, world class public aquarium providing catering to client’s vision of education and entertainment. It is an Inland Aquarium planned in a 2.5 Acre site with a built-up area of 13000sqmts and estimated cost of 250cr. The form of the […]