Friday, July 12, 2024

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Namtola-Tizit Bridge in Assam Undergoes Upgrade with Larger, Modern Replacement

The Namtola-Tizit Bridge, among the oldest in Mon district in Assam, is currently undergoing dismantling to pave the way for a new structure. The dismantling process has commenced.

Deputy Commissioner of Mon, Ajit Kumar Verma, stated that the National Highway jurisdiction covers the bridge. As a result, the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (NHIDCL) is responsible for the construction.

NHIDCL has been assigned the task of completing the project before the onset of the monsoon, aiming for completion and handover by May 31. Verma noted that the new bridge will surpass its predecessor in size, featuring a concrete deck in contrast to the previous wooden deck.

A Public Works Department (PWD) Road and Bridges (R&B) official revealed that the bridge’s dismantling commenced on Thursday. The upcoming Bailey bridge is expected to be approximately 48 feet long with a load capacity of around 60 tonnes.

Regarding another bridge on the alternate route through Namtola Charali (Assam)–Lahdoigarh–Jaboka–Pentom Junction (Tizit/Mon), the official mentioned that a detailed project report (DPR) for reinforcement construction was sent to PWD (R&B) in January 2024.

The alternative bridge is a steel-girder bridge with a limited load capacity of seven tonnes. It was also noted that the alternative route would take approximately 30 minutes longer to connect to the other side due to poor road conditions.

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