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Chennai’s First Steel Flyover to be Ready by Sept 2024

The Greater Chennai Corporation is making significant progress on the construction of a 1.2-kilometre-long steel flyover on South Usman Road in T Nagar. The city’s commissioner, J Radhakrishnan, recently inspected the ongoing work and urged the contractor to expedite the project. Approximately 40% of the construction is already complete, and the aim is to have it finished by mid-2024, as per the commissioner’s instructions.

The flyover, with a budget of ₹131 crore, will span across several junctions, including South Usman Road-Burkit Road and Madley Road junction, South Usman Road-South West Boag Road and New Boag Road junction, and CIT Nagar North Road T-junction. Once completed, it will significantly ease the traffic for motorists travelling from Anna Salai, allowing them to cross the Panagal Park junction within a few minutes.

The flyover will have a width of 8.4 meters, comprising two lanes with an up-ramp at CIT Nagar Main Road stretching 140 meters, an up-ramp at Usman Road for 120 meters, and a down-ramp for 100 meters. Additionally, both sides will feature 4-meter-wide service roads and 1.5-meter-wide footpaths.

Currently, key components of the project are already in place, such as the up-ramp and down-ramp from the existing Usman Road flyover on the Burkit Road junction. Of the planned structures, 89 out of 177 concrete piles, 21 out of 53 concrete pile caps with pedestals, 13 out of 53 steel piers and pier caps, and 80 meters of the 107-meter retaining wall with crash barriers have been completed.

The commissioner also mentioned that more steel piers for the flyover are set to arrive from Trichy shortly.

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