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Transforming Education in Senegal: 15 Projects Underway Across the Nation

Indian entities are increasingly leaving an indelible mark on the global stage, propelled by the nation’s burgeoning talent, favourable policies, and the widespread allure of Indian culture worldwide. The emergence of Indian architects and engineers stands as a testament to the country’s remarkable growth trajectory, enterprising ethos, and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

In recognition of this remarkable spirit and the corresponding achievements, SSMB is inaugurating a new section within the magazine, aptly titled ‘Beyond Borders’.

The concept behind this initiative is to spotlight the exceptional projects with a steel-centric focus that have been conceived or executed by Indian architects and engineers on the global panorama.

This dedicated section will offer an up-close account of the experiences of national developers, architects, designers, or consultants involved in a steel project (whether ongoing or completed) located beyond the nation’s borders. The first of many such stories trails below…

Project Brief
The proposed project entails the development of 15 educational projects across various locations in Senegal, West Africa. The project sites include Tivaouane, Ziguinchor, Mbacke, Thies, Malem Hodar, Salémata, Bakel, Koungheul, Kédougou, Médina Yoro Foulah, Saraya, Bambey, Guinguinéo, Birkilane, and Dagana. The construction work will encompass a total area of approximately 825,000 sq ft, with each site averaging around 55,000 sq ft.

The architectural and structural work for all the buildings has been completed in-house, utilising steel as the primary construction material. The project comprises a variety of structures, including G+1 (ground plus one) buildings for administration, classrooms, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) facilities, while workshop, clinic, and accommodation buildings will be single-story structures.

The project has received approval from the Senegal Government and adheres to the AISC Code and Senegal’s country-specific building regulations. The structure heights range from 4 m to 8 m, with decking sheets proposed for the floors of G+1 structures. Staircases are constructed using steel, and to comply with fire safety standards, all columns will be encased with hollow brick walls.

The steel detailing has been meticulously designed to ensure the independent execution of steel and reinforced concrete construction tasks. The project aims to create modern educational facilities while incorporating Senegal’s codal provisions for planning and structural design.

Jigar Shah, Director, Divya Consultants
“Working on this foreign project in Senegal was a multifaceted experience shaped by the country’s underdevelopment and logistical intricacies. The reliance on imported steel structures due to limited domestic resources posed a fundamental challenge. Across 15 diverse locations, each with unique contours and sizes, I embraced modular design principles to ensure replicability while adhering to shipping container size restrictions for imported materials. This demanded strategic member-length planning for optimal container usage. Navigating local bylaws and Euro Code standards was integral to the project’s success. The bilingual aspect was noteworthy, with all documentation submitted in French. The remoteness of sites led to a decision to segregate RCC and steel work, streamlining construction. Overall, the experience underscored the importance of adaptability, cross-cultural understanding, and innovative problem-solving in international engineering projects.”

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