Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Tata Steel’s Sonari Airport Goes Solar

A 2.0 MWp (Megawatt peak) solar power project was inaugurated at Tata Steel’s Sonari Airport in Jamshedpur on August 14th. This initiative marks a significant step towards making the airport operations entirely reliant on solar energy.

This venture has been undertaken by Tata Power as part of its broader collaboration with Tata Steel to establish a combined 41 MW solar panel installation across various sites. This includes a mix of rooftop, floating, and ground-mounted solar panels.

Previously, four rooftop solar projects at Central Warehouse, Cold Rolling Mill, Wire Rod Mill, and Hot Strip Mill, totaling 7.65 MWp, had already been commissioned. Additionally, a floating solar power project with a capacity of 10.8 MWp at Tata Steel Jamshedpur Works is nearing completion.

Tata Steel’s commitment to sustainability has always been a foundational principle embedded in its business philosophy. This ethos is guided by a comprehensive, long-term vision aimed at achieving well-defined targets. The company has proactively taken several measures throughout its value chain to reinforce its sustainability credentials. Notably, the adoption of solar and non-conventional energy sources for power generation has gained momentum across Tata Steel’s operational sites. This latest solar project underscores Tata Steel’s ongoing dedication to embracing clean energy solutions and expanding its renewable energy portfolio.

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