Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Tan90 Bar, Shenzhen, China

The project is located in the Shenzhen OCT-Loft Creative Culture Park. Shenzhen is a city full of possibilities, and the Creative Culture Park is a gathering of people with creative output. Every designer faces various challenges in their work. Especially in commercial design, designers have to gain insight into business models and consumer trends and translate them into space design. In a fast-evolving situation like business, the frequency of challenges will be more frequent. In this project, the architect tries to create the possibility of serendipity and the unknown to make breakthroughs. In previous design practices. The design team incorporated an out-of-the-box perspective while staying grounded in market and business logic. This must be about creating something unique in the city. This kind of fun and exploration of the city is a spur to make breakthroughs and find uniqueness.

The project creates storytelling scenes with a strong sense of experience. The story is composed of transient images. The space was designed to be enriched by user participation, as the effect of instantaneous fragmentation. Although these images can make people feel the story, they are indefinable, or in the designer’s words, they are psychedelic images. These fragmented images constantly emerge and fade, creating experiences full of surprises. The design team enjoys this process.


The entire space is internally free and can function in different scenarios. The sense of fluidity in the space creates a dialogue with people and forms a dynamic scene. The form of the space is full of imagination: it can be a cave, a space capsule, or a neuron. It can flexibly switch between the leisure of a cafe during the day and the excitement of a whiskey bar at night.

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