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China Hangzhou E-sports Center, Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou E-sports center is located in Beijingyuan Ecological Park at the southern foot of Gaoting Mountain in Hangzhou, China. It is the first standard stadium for Asian Games E-sports competitions in China. This is a public place integrating a sports venue and ecological park. The sunken plazas and courtyards around the building bring sunlight and air to the underground space, providing a pleasant place for the outdoor display and for people to communicate and rest.

The main body of the building adopts the method of sinking, burying most of the building space in the ground, and minimizing the volume of the ground. At the same time, fully considering the ground car-free, people and vehicles are introduced into the venue from underground in a three-dimensional way, effectively breaking the shackles of complex traffic conditions around the venue. The focus is on the “interstellar vortex”-like motion trajectory between celestial bodies in the galaxy caused by gravity, and displays this concept vividly in the design of the appearance and surrounding landscape of the center of the e-sports.

The architectural form was cut by an aerial walkway that spiraled up among the blocks The strolling path between rooms leads people slowly to the sky garden at the top of the building. The skin of the E-sports center is covered by a hyperboloid anodized honeycomb aluminum plate. Against the sky, the facade presents a slight reflection of the surrounding environment. With the conversion of different angles of the curved surfaces and the movement of people’s viewpoints, the “weight” of buildings is gradually reduced.

The appearance of the main stadium is associated with the alien visitors, and the ultimate technical aesthetics seems to be completely beyond people’s expectations. However, the logic of its internal structure follows the laws of nature. The main stadium adapts to the local climate through the far-reaching cornice, using the building’s self-shading and adjustable external shading system. The electrochromic glass skylight on the roof automatically adjusts the amount of heat radiation entering the building by sensing the outdoor temperature, providing a comfortable indoor environment for spectators.

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