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Pushing Towards Preeminence

Kool-Ex Cold Chain Ltd is Working towards largest temperature-controlled Pharma warehousing footprint in the coming years which would not only be one of its kind but also will best in class and sustainable….

The man who believes that dreams do come true and with the same faith is leading the firm towards becoming country’s major cold chain solution provider is here with us to spill the beans…

Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director, Kool-Ex Cold Chain Limited, Read on…

Being a pioneer in the cold chain solutions, what is your opinion on the Logistics and Supply Chain of our country?
India has an inadequate cold chain infrastructure. There is a pressing need to build quality warehousing and reefer truck capacity to cater to the growing demand of cold chain logistics. The entire distribution flow of cold chain logistics needs to be mapped across the sectors such as Agri, pharma, chemicals etc, and facility augmentation must be done in a planned and phased manner as this is a capex heavy business.

Kool-ex has recently partnered with IndoSpace Logistics to build customized, GDP/GWP compliant, temperature controlled, Pharma Distribution Centres across the country. Could you throw some light on the same?
There is a huge opportunity for consolidation in pharma warehousing. Good quality, multi- client facilities subscribing the GWP/GDP standards are virtually non-existent in our country. This despite India being the pharmacy of the world. Large scale, multi-client pharma distribution centres will help optimize the distribution flow and improve efficiency and quality of the distribution channel. It is the need of the hour. Coupled with our strong primary & secondary transportation network, building such facilities was the net logical move.

We plan to build such centres at 11 strategic location in 2 phases each of 20000 pallet positions, totalling 40000 pallet positions per location, taking the total to 0.45 million pallet positions across India.

Being one of the 1st Logistics Cold Logistics Company to have developed Solar Powered Warehouses. What is your take on Sustainability in the Warehousing Sector?
It is very important to take care of environmental impact while planning a warehouse. Thus, sustainability is a mandatory criterion in our business. Our warehouse will have 100 per cent solar back up and we are using CFC free chemicals for our refrigerants and panels thus conforming to OD -0. The facilities will be certified Green Buildings All EHS norms will be adhered.

What trends and changes do you foresee in the Logistics Industry in next few years?
Large scale consolidation and emergence of 3PL/4PL across sectors is the future of our industry. Being the backbone of any economy, efficiency and optimization will be a key contributor to bringing down the logistics cost in our country, which today is at a very high number. Our Pharma DC’s are a step in that direction.

Which is the warehousing sector (Industrial/Agriculture/Cold Storage/Inland) that you think would turn the tables in future and Why?
I feel that warehousing in India is still evolving. We see a lot of Grade A capacity being built across sectors. Industrial & Agriculture would take the lead due to the large volumes followed by Cold Storages which is still at a very nascent stage

How do you think about steel as a material, that will aid in the growth of the Logistics and Supply Chain Sector?
Steel is an integral part of Logistics & supply chain. It is a key ingredient in warehousing as well as in the trucking. Lighter stronger steel would gain importance and large demand could help bring cost reduction in steel cost, thereby contributing to the overall goal of reducing the logistics cost

What are the challenges faced in building a Warehouse, today?
Good land parcels, with adequate road access is a key challenge. Local government clearances aged polices could be hinderances.

Access to cheap capital is the need of the hour, which can affect projects as well Mindset of customers need to to shift from traditional/ aging warehouses to modern facilities.

What are the plans of Kool-ex Chain Limited for the next 5 years?
Kool-ex plans to build India’s largest temperature-controlled Pharma warehousing footprint in a phased manner rover the next 4 years. We plan to have the most efficient and cost effective, technology driven, distribution network in the country and be the dominant player in Pharma Distribution.

What message would you like to give our readers?
The future is to thing big. Consolidation is the key. If you can dream it, you can do it!

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