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AIIMS, Bilaspur

AIIMS Bilaspur is being constructed at Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, part of Govt. of India project to provide medical facility to every Indian. Bilaspur is being part of Punjab Himalayas and is situated at satluj valley. The proposed site is situated in earthquake zone-v in the foothills with level difference of 100m from one end to another end. The whole campus is being built on slope, providing a challenge to the engineers and builders. The Ayush Block, hospital blocks and academic blocks built in composite steel demonstrate the capacity of steel structure in hilly areas without compromising on architecture content.

The whole campus being built on slope, provides a challenge to the Engineers and builders. The Ayush block, hospital blocks and academic blocks built in composite steel demonstrate the capability of steel structure in hilly areas without compromising of architecture intent.

R K Duggal
Associate Director, TPC Technical Projects Consultants Pvt Ltd

Structural Details:
The foundations and structure up to plinth is made in concrete to protect of steel against the harmful effects of soil on steel. Foundation is isolated forting/strips/combined foundation resting on firm ground. The plinth beams are in concrete. From plinth level composite column starts and goes up to top. Universal columns sections have been chosen for columns, which have been encased in concrete with nominal reinforcement.

Universal beams sections have been chosen for beams and same has been painted with fireproof paint with 2-hour fire rating. The beams to column joints have been considered as rigid joint and beam to beam connection have been taken as shear connection.

Profile metal deck sheet TR60, 0.9mm thick MS galvanized with 350 grades have been used with nominal reinforcement and concrete topping of 75mm. The metal deck sheet is resting on main beam with shear studs @300 mm spacing. Metal deck sheet of 1.5-hour fireproof rating has been used.

Lift and staircase lobby has been constructed in concrete and shear walls required to resist the lateral earthquake force and wind loads have been mostly placed in lifts and staircase leaving the entire area open. Concrete of grade M40 has been used in column and shear wall and M30 in slabs.

The building has been designed for vertical dead and imposed loads and lateral forces due to earthquake and winds. The area lies in Zone V of earthquake zone and same has been considered with importance factor of 1.5 considered for hospital and academic block. The building has also been checked for pure steel building with two storeys. The columns being encased with concrete after two storeys of steel building.

As the building lies in Zone-V of earthquake zone, ductile detailing is being done in concrete and steel. For steel building the connection between beams and columns has been designed for 1.2 * mp of beam section as per IS:1800. The structure has also been checked for stability with multiple load combination.

Fact File
Client: All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Architect: Design Associate
Structural Consultant: TPC Technical Projects Consultants Pvt Ltd
Steel Fabricator: Jindal Steel & Power Limited
Steel Tonnage: 6000MT(Approx.)
Status: Under Construction

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