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LIC Gift City, Gujarat

The LIC Smart Tower, speaks of ground plus 25 upper floor structures designed in an Iconic fashion, with a total construction area of 30,500 sqm. To break the monotony, an arch feature is added at the top. This curvilinear option is created to express the dynamic look of the LIC’s GIFT City Tower – the top Arch feature with intermittent ribs balanced with ‘U’ shaped facade glazing on all faces – to create a good geometric balance.

The idea was to create something iconic & smart which in India’s first Smart City, GIFT at Gujarat. The requirement also covered the factor of flexibility to enable each floor to be individualistically self-sufficient in terms of future planning; the development was bound to be green / eco-friendly – all these to ensure that the tower ‘makes a statement’ of its own.

The brief was simple and thus difficult to cater to – one needed to analyse & understand this to be able to come-up with best possible options

Analysis was done to understand the most minimal requirement shared with the architects – the same was elaborated with ‘what is needed?’, ‘what is envisaged?’, ‘what could possibly be expected in future?’ and much more to ensure the future growth was also inculcated in the design.

Multiple options, sketches, design basis were generated, a lot of brainstorming as to how to ensure that the said tower is smart, elegant, green and lives up to its iconic look – yet ensuring the best of design flexibility; a parallel mind set was also being worked upon the materials to be used and an alternative construction technique/material be used.


In my award winning carrier of 50 years, I have been responsible for many firsts, including, India’s first revolving restaurant at Ambassador Hotel, Mumbai, India’s First health spa and resort, Golden Palm resorts at Bangalore, India’s first Fast Track IT Building for Morgan & Stanley of USA at Mind Space Malad (Mumbai), India’s First platinum rated Green campus, Cygnus World School, Vadodara; to name a few – now with Smart Developments being in at the forefront – I have been ensuring that the best of technique and experience is being applied to be able to create something unique, something smart and dynamic – the future is Smart Sustainable Spaces.
PREM NATH, Principal Architect, Prem Nath & Associates


Steel the essence
The flexibility of steel in terms of curved three-dimensional design, the diversity of material, its capability to be able to take-on different design forms/shapes and be able to simply be perforated, and much more and just a few of the reasons steel was considered to be one of the major parts of building material. Apart, from the base RCC Structure, the entire “façade to roof” structure was planned to be built in composite-steel which itself was the major component of steel applicability; other ancillary components too were to be built with steel keeping in mind the flexibility of use, ease of constructions & achievable speed in development. Steel not only gives one the opportunity to design big, design freely but also enables one to think variety of forms and shapes.

Architectural Features
The visual appeal of the building is through the linear and symmetrical form. The building structure is aesthetically designed in a way that the service core is planned towards the western side of the building so the office space makes maximum use of the natural daylight and outside view. To break the monotony, an arch feature is added at the top. Moreover, apart from the architectural features, a lot of green features are inculcated, viz. the use of low solar heat gain coefficient glass that ensures maximum reflection of heat through glazing. Use of extended structural projections as sun cutters and shading devices- cutting down incidental heat percentile; Integrated Building management systems shall be used in the building.

The services catering the building are taken care of by the main via-duct as per the GIFTCL with uninterrupted supply of RO water, flushing water, electric power, and sewage treatment. The complex is planned as zero disposal building; the garbage directly goes to the underground pipelines and treatment plants. Smart security systems shall be used, everything would be monitored and managed by a central control room. Smart power generation via use of solar panels, the arch feature shall have integrated solar panel assembly on the roof-top of the building, which shall add to power saving amounting 5-8 per cent of the total power consumption.

The curvilinear geometry is created to express the dynamic look of the tower at the GIFT Smart City – the top Arch feature with intermittent ribs balanced with ‘U’ shaped facade glazing on all faces – create a good geometric balance.

The top elevation feature is planned with Pergolas, supported with thick elevation bands commencing from the bottom all thru upwards; these bands on four corners add to the highlight of the building’s elevation.

CAD/CAM Software were used for both 3D modelling & 2D planning, along with multiple visual rendering software.

Each project enables one to push their own boundaries – while Prem Nath And Associates have created many landmark structures, green developments and have achieved an array of accolades – it is important to go beyond – extend the boundaries towards the Smart development, high-tech structures, eco-friendly & sustainable spaces – while yet maintaining the principle of not making the development too acrobatic (read gimmicky).

Ar. Prem Nath & Associates ensures that while the design & techniques are up to the most innovative & contemporary, the concept yet lives the test of time being simple at its core.


Fact File

Architect : Prem Nath & Associates
Structural Consultant : SACPL
Tonnage : 2000 Tonnes
Status : Concept Stage

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