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Pioneering as the Quintessential Roofing Solution

With over 150 years of Global Excellence and customization being the essence of services, which, enables freedom to design and deliver any shape, size or requirement for customers with best in class construction and engineering practices. The Emissary Piyush Nahar, GM-Marketing, Tata Bluescope is here with us, sharing their marvelous clover and much more…


What is your take on the current situation of the steel industry in India?
Steel industry in India is poised for growth with capacity additions, and, new technologies being deployed to cater to the customer expectations. India’s per capita steel consumption is expected to surge due to the double-digit growth in automotive and construction sector; two main growth drivers for steel industry. Big ticket investments pledged by the government on infrastructure projects like metros, rails, roads, airports and smart cities coupled with decent growth in manufacturing and residential segments, will further boost steel consumption. The landscape in this sector is changing with the resolution plans of debt ridden steel companies, under progress.

Indian Infrastructure sector is changing at a rapid pace. What solutions Tata Bluescope offers for this segment?
Infrastructure projects in modern times are getting larger, dynamic and more complex as well aesthetic in nature. In such market environment, delivering a project with better efficiency and reliability; using environment friendly, sustainable building materials with greater thermal efficiencies, are top priorities. TBSL offers products and solutions to address these requirements.

LYSAGHT® offers superior quality roofing systems and structural decking solutions. With 100 per cent leak proof performances the brand has become the most preferred choice for railways and metro projects in India where 90 per cent of the projects (including major metros and monorails stations) are covered by LYSGAHT®. These profiles are made from COLORBOND® steel, one of world’s most advanced pre-painted steel products. The Cochin International Airport, the Birsi Airport in Gondia and Jaisalmer Airport have LYSAGHT® profiles ensuring structural stability. Due to superior aesthetics, and, design flexibility the profiles are used for public spaces such as BRTS – Ahmedabad and Val poi Bus Stand Goa which have become an iconic representation.

How does your product offerings make a mark in the Indian steel industry?
Customization is at the core of our offerings that enables freedom to design and deliver any shape, size or requirement for our customers with best in class construction and engineering practices. Our PEB division with BUTLER® and ECOBUILD® Solutions supplies customized pre-engineered steel buildings for India’s fastest growing segments like warehousing, manufacturing, commercial and infrastructure and offers agile operational efficiencies and design engineering with world-class safety practices supplemented by advanced supply & erection methodologies.

So far, in India our PEB business has delivered more than thousand projects for multinational clients such as Unilever, P&G, Ford, DuPont, BOSCH, GE, Colgate-Palmolive, Carlsberg to name a few, with 7.8 million LTI free man-hour at projects sites. Our products, made from high strength COLORBOND® steel, with worlds most advanced paint technology gives an edge, be it performance or longevity to the overall structure.

With over 150 years of global excellence and more than 30 mn.sq.ft. of cladding in India, since 2010, LYSAGHT® is associated with major projects in Infrastructure segment such as Airports, Rails, Metros, BRTS, large and medium manufacturing facilities, warehouses, stadiums etc. For retail markets, Durashine® Steel is the most suitable solution, especially for applications like row houses, bungalows, resorts, porches, colleges etc. It offers solutions like roof and wall sheets, tile, liner and long line crimp profiles. Benefits like longer life, aesthetics, corrosion resistance etc. come hand in hand with Durashine® Steel. DURASHINE® is an award-winning brand and has been recognized as Asia’s Most Promising Brand, India’s Number 1 Brand and India’s most trusted Brand for Best Colour Coated Steel Sheets. Our business is backed by a strong parentage of Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel, Australia where quality and commitment is priority. Quality, durability and aesthetics are the three main pillars of our differentiators.

What are the challenges faced by the roofing industry as of today?
Steel roofing market is majorly driven by growth in large projects, Small and Medium Sized Enetrprise (SME) and retail. In the current market situation, large projects are still gaining traction and sales is majorly driven by growth in SME sector.

Awareness regarding Quality of Products: Selecting the right kind of material for roofing and walling industry is of a paramount concern due to availability of material in various forms and quality levels. The main challenge is lack of awareness regarding quality and environment friendly products. At TBSL we ensure our products are manufactured with highest quality standards and roll forming equipment. Our building systems guarantee 100 per cent leak proof performance. Our products and solutions are environment friendly and thermally efficient.

Complete Design & Engineering Support: Due to low entry barriers, many roll formers are entering the market at the bottom strata and are unable to provide engineering support like design and detailing. Their credentials, after sales service and long-term sustainability are of great concern for delivering quality solutions for the customers. TBSL’s team of experts offer an optimized design solution as per individual requirements.

Workmanship: An acute shortage of permanent skilled work force, and best-in-class installation practices of metal sheets in roofing and walling applications further discourages a buyer to go for steel roofs. Superior on-site installation processes are essential for longevity of steel structures, adhered by few players in the market. Addressing this issue, we have developed a network of authorized builders that efficiently service our customers. A pool of trained fabricators for installation of our roofs also help the end users in making the right choice.

Unsafe Construction Practices: Another big challenge is lack of safety norms and practices that may lead to unsafe working environment within our society. Tata BlueScope Steel’s safe construction practices is a global benchmark derived from its JV partner BlueScope Steel, Australia. Delay in Project Delivery – stretched timelines for project completion is another significant issue faced by the customers. Through our PEB business, we offer agile, planned construction and erection methodologies that ensure project is completed on-time.

Your viewpoints on the latest technology coming into the roofing system?
Roofing industry has evolved from cement roofing to metal roofing. Recent trend is that entire roofing industry is shifting towards color coated roofing. Roofing industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last few years. With, increased investment in infrastructure projects, customers are demanding durability, flexibility along with aesthetically pleasing designs. Zn-Al coated steel has also witnessed growth, due, to inter-material conversion from asbestos to metal coated, and, intra material- conversion from bare material to color coated due to its strength and longevity. Roofing material that is corrosion resistant and roof designs that can withstand extreme weather conditions will gain greater attention. One of the important elements in roofing systems today, and, future is its ability to reduce thermal heat gain.

Hence, a demand for insulated roofing instead of single skin non-insulated roof is gaining traction. Thermally efficient roofing material with high solar reflectivity index (SRI Value) would be advantageous. With alternate energy gaining greater focus, roofs that are solar compatible will witness a bigger demand. Sustainable construction practices are being adopted by next generation Architects and Builders; where roofing made from 100 per cent recyclable material and compatible for rain water harvesting would be preferred. Where profiles are concerned, more demand for standing seam over trapezoidal for medium to large projects is sited. This is an obvious choice as more and more designers and architects are looking for aesthetics, flexibility, customization along with strength and durability. A maintenance free roofing solution that offers complete peace of mind with minimum or no repairs are being preferred for long term economics.

Elaborate about your manufacturing facility and its production capacity?
Tata BlueScope Steel set up its state-of-art manufacturing facility in Jamshedpur in 2012, for making world class coated steel products. The manufacturing capacity of Metal Coating Line (MCL) is 250,000 tonne per annum, and, Colour Coating Line (CCL) of 150,000 tonne per annum and is fully equipped with Level 3 automation solutions and equipment from global suppliers. Apart from Jamshedpur, we have 3 more strategically located plants in Chennai, Pune and Bhiwadi for roll forming of coated sheets and other building products. This ensures close proximity to site locations pan-India, enabling us to deliver on-time.

What are your strategic plans for the next 5 years?
Understanding changing customer demands, and, introducing new products and solutions which will add value and play a critical role for the growth of construction industry in India is what we will continue to do in future.

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