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Colorbond® Steel an Idyllic Solution

Today, Infrastructure is a key driver for the Indian economy and development as it raises the country’s productivity. Highways, ports, metros, railways and airports are all necessary conduits for commerce.

Innovation and continuous improvement in construction or building materials used is of extreme importance. Infra projects in modern times are getting larger, riskier and more complex. In such market environment, delivering a project with better efficiencies and reliability; using environment friendly, sustainable building materials with greater thermal efficiencies, are top priorities. More and more construction companies in the public sector space are opting for smart technologies, employing advanced building materials and construction methodologies.

COLORBOND® steel from Tata BlueScope Steel is one of world’s most advanced pre-painted steel products for the building and construction industry. It offers architects, designers, builders and owners a versatile, lightweight, strong and aesthetically pleasing solution for almost any type of built environment especially within the infrastructure landscape. COLORBOND® steel has found its way in India’s most iconic infra projects with in the last ten years.

Noteworthy Projects
Metro is not only a commuter’s delight, but also, an example of modern day infrastructure; raising the bar in design and architecture for public transportation. Tata BlueScope Steel Limited has supplied more than 1600 MT of COLORBOND® steel in form of roofing and building products for majority Metro Projects in the country.

The need for best quality material with adequate strength to endure contingencies like heavy rains, high uplift wind load and vibrational loads etc. are primary requirements of any Infrastructure project. After using Galvanised steel for the first three stations, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. opted for Zinc and Aluminium alloy based COLORBOND® steel, solely on the merit of its benefits.

COLORBOND® steel in colours Surfmist, Pale Eucalypt, Sky Blue and Torres Blue were used, to suit the specific ambient requirements of each station. The superior coating of Zinc Aluminium alloy and an efficient paint system ensures colour durability and long life. This was the first instance where a common man in India witnessed colourful steel roofing being used for an infrastructure project like Railway System.

COLORBOND® steel suits every need with unmatched properties. Profiles made from this material are able to meet most demanding construction and design requirements while crafting roofs with outstanding performance and pleasing aesthetics. Moreover, it also helps provide weather tightness and superior resistance to wind uplift, extremely critical for the hangars pitched near the runways. It is one of the only sheets when installed helps the structure become stable and structurally co-operative.

The DRDO Aircraft Hanger in Bangalore is made of COLORBOND® XRW, Toba Blue colour. Both wall and roof comprised of over 50 MT of sheeting. The Chandigarh International Airport project made by PEB player Multi Infratech Pvt.Ltd. uses surfmist of over 200 MT; to match up the requirement of both; visual appeal and high performance.

A public utility space must ensure architectural appeal as it develops as a landmark of the city. Performance with aesthetics is what COLORBOND® steel offers where a monotonous structure transforms into an architecturally appealing piece of work. A multi-utility public space, Valpoi Bus stand and Community Hall, Goa is one such example that combines beauty with power. ZINCALUME® and long lasting COLORBOND® steel paint system transformed a traditional public utility space into an unconventional piece of art. Another example where COLORBOND® steel has transformed the face of a Public infrastructure is the BRTS Ahmedabad – a public transit service.

Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium nicknamed as Balewadi stadium; is the first of its kind and unmistakably devoted to sporting excellence, where dedication is evident from its iconic existence. It was specially built for first Youth Common Wealth games hosted in India in 2008. Tata BlueScope Steel supplied colour coated steel for the entire facade and roof of the stadium. COLORBOND® steel is incorporated with THERMATECH® Technology with high reflectivity that reduces the inside Stadiums temperatures considerably making it comfortable for the occupants. Another iconic project is the Buddh International Circuit – a pioneer in Indian motor racing in greater noida is another example where COLORBOND® steel has given a facelift to the entire structure.

COLORBOND® steel undergoes rigorous corrosion, durability testing under actual conditions which makes it ideal for rugged applications; this material is most trusted, where, public utility spaces are concerned. Being environmental friendly, it is a blend of experience and expertise that continues to spread its wings amidst architectural Landscape in India.

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