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Rhythm of Architecture

How has been your journey from your first venture as an architect to now?
Honestly, it has been a long, bumpy and very interesting trip. From my beginning, I never imagined being able to get where I am now, which has been the result of the efforts and many hours of work in the recent years.

What is your success mantra to continue and push your ways to achieve your goals and surpass them?
To me, success mantra is to have perseverance, hard work, and never throw in the towel. This will never keep you stagnant and will push all the possible boundaries.

When tall buildings are implemented, do upfront cost affect the construction budget, and what are the expected pay back times?
Yes, of course, the initial cost affects the construction budget, as in any project, there must be a balance between expenses and quality, relative to the investment pay back times.

The term ‘payback’ on investment is very variable, depending on the height of the building, number of units inside, if it is for rent or for sale, and of course, the quality of the materials and the location of the property are essential. We can be talking about a pay back on investment of between 5 and 10 years. And it does not always mean spending less is the best investment, or spending less has a shorter payback time. Sometimes you have to spend more to revert in a shorter time or in a larger amount.

Now-a-days skills of architects are blended with latest software solution and new technologies, what is your viewpoint on the same?
Leonardo da Vinci said: a good architect should be someone who masters, at the same time, all the science and art of its time. I truly believe in this philosophy as well.

What is your signature style while designing a project? What various aspects are been considered by you?
I do not like to have a design style. The design must be adapted to the needs of each moment, each program, and each client. I do not believe in identity ‘signatures’. We should not do the projects for ourselves, but for our clients, who are the end users of the buildings.

What is your take on green building residence?
All types of construction, and not just residential, should be green and self-sustainable. In the 21st century, we cannot afford to continue building and dirtying our cities as we have done during the last few decades.

What sets your design style apart from rest?
Probably what distinguishes us from many other architecture studios is our passion for what we do. We understand our profession as a way of life, and not as a mere job. The delivery and sacrifice in favor of the design that best suits the needs of each occasion.

Being an architect what do you see as important issues or considerations in your project?
The most important thing is to understand the customers and their needs. The styles, the forms, the functions, all this must fit perfectly, following a rhythm that is both poetic and technical, under the expert baton of the architect.

Beyond design and construction how BIM can help improve the performance of the building?
The implementation of BIM in our daily work is essential, since it not only helps us and facilitates sharing all the digital information of the project, but, also opens new doors to different ways of thinking and creating architecture.

How important is it to change your approach as you work from country to country? How are you able to do that?
It can only be carried out after having studied and understood the particular culture and conditions that exist behind each project. Each place has a different decisive factor, each user, each function; determine the final form of the project. They are an inherent part of the building’s soul.

As an architect what scope do you see in the Indian infrastructure industry?
The Indian industrial infrastructure has a long way to go. It is comparable to the good food: the ingredients are of good quality, the utensils that are used make their function very well, and the chef devotes all his passion to it, but, it still needs a few more hours of cooking to be able to bring the finished dish to the table. Indian society is hungry for creativity and new projects. Let’s give them what they demand, and let’s make this country an example to follow.

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work? What do you want to be remembered for?
I would like to be remembered for making a more human architecture, which helps to significantly increase the quality of life of those who inhabit it.

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