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Changing the Face of Indian Infrastructure

The metro rail network in India is on an upward swing; with the mass rapid transit system emerging as one of the best solutions for urban transportation. Metro is not only a commuter’s delight, but, has raised the bar in design and architecture for public transportation; resulting in modern infrastructure. Tata BlueScope Steel Limited (TBSL) has supplied more than 1600 MT of colour coated steel in form of roofing and building products for majority metro projects in the country.

Innovative Evolution
LYSAGHT® – a leading brand of TBSL – has constantly evolved with some of the most innovative profiles, to address the design challenges ensuring quality performance to offer customised products and solutions. Team LYSAGHT® has executed more than 3 lakh square meter of roofing for prominent metro projects across the country. The brand’s profiles like KLIPLOK® 700 and TRIMDEK® 1015 are installed at prominent projects such as DMRC, Chennai Metro, Hyderabad Metro, Kochi Metro, and Bangalore Metro to name a few. With its expanse of projects implemented; LYSAGHT® has established itself as a preferred choice for roofing applications in this segment.

Flooding Eastern Railway Stations
TRIMDEK® 1015 roofing sheets have been installed at over 120 stations, in the eastern part of our country alone. Design requirements such as curved roofs; convex or concave, could be achieved easily with LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® 1015’s crimp curved sheets that ensure strength with aesthetics. This modern ribbed roof and wall cladding profile with subtle fluting in the pans, provides strength and long spanning capabilities. The brand is proudly associated with the Indian Railways since 2008 and has supplied more than 4 lakhs roofing till date.

Harnessing Mumbai’s Mono & Metro Rail
LYSAGHT® brand was an obvious choice for the supply of roofing and decking profiles for Mumbai Monorail Project. The project has been successfully completed with LYSAGHT KLIPLOK® 770, a concealed fixed roofing system and LYSAGHT SMARTDEK® 51, an innovative and precision engineered decking system. LYSAGHT® range of products were chosen due to their high durability, aesthetics and cost effectiveness. The profiles are also compatible with specially designed clamps that help solar panels mounting easy on roof tops. To harness the benefits of solar energy, Mumbai Metro has planned to install solar panels on Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar metro corridor and have already installed panels at its Andheri WEH Metro station.

Speedy & Effective Solution
For Kolkata Metro too, LYSAGHT® supplied KLIPLOK® 700 for 24000 sq. mts. of roofing. The uniqueness of this project lies in LYSAGHT®’s onsite crimping facility that not only ensured faster project completion with immediate installation and cost-effective solution, but, also abstained profiles from damage or stress cracks.

While LYSAGHT® profiles cater to varied segments, and offer cost efficiency (due to optimised steel solutions), shorter lead time, high strength (with design flexibility), superior quality paint and coating system (with long lasting aesthetics) – the brand promotes Best Safety Practices in construction and manufacturing. Metro station usually involves working at heights and on curved structures. Tata BlueScope Steel’s safety standards and ‘ZERO Harm’ policy guarantees completion of work with utmost safety.

Weathering the Storm
The need for best quality material with adequate strength to endure high levels of stress and strain in case of contingencies like heavy rains, high uplift wind load and vibrational loads etc. are primary requirements of any Infrastructure project. LYSAGHT® profiles are made from high strength, corrosion resistant and tried and tested raw materials such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, are especially crafted for harsh weather conditions. Also, a public utility space must ensure architectural appeal as it becomes the landmark of the city. Performance with aesthetics is what COLORBOND® steel offers where a monotonous structure transforms into an architecturally appealing piece of work.

After using galvanised steel for the first three stations, DMRC opted for Zinc and Aluminium alloy based COLORBOND® steel, solely on the merit of its benefits. COLORBOND® steel in colours Surfmist, Pale Eucalypt, Sky Blue and Torres Blue were used to suit the specific ambient requirements of each station was used. The superior coating of Zinc Aluminium alloy and an efficient paint system ensures colour durability and long life. This was the first instance where the common man in India witnessed colourful steel roofing being used for an infrastructure project like Railways System.

COLORBOND® steel with its 100-per cent lead free paint technology is environment friendly compared to other construction materials. COLORBOND® comes with THERMATECH™ Solar Reflectance Technology that ensures lower temperature by absorbing less heat from the sun, making it thermally efficient, ideal for infrastructure projects.

Over the years, Tata BlueScope Steel through its offerings has created hallmark projects in the segment, with its unmatched technical expertise, wide range of superior architectural solutions, extensive research and service excellence. While India is well on its way to create a world-class MRT system as an integral part of community infrastructure development in the country, Tata BlueScope Steel is fully committed to enable this transformation.

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