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Igniting the Evolution

Tata Structura is on the verge of completing 12 glorious years in India. How has the journey been so far?
As pioneers in the country for bringing steel hollow sections to its major infrastructural projects, our very eventful journey has obviously been in tandem with the country’s growth in that direction. In other words, it has been phenomenal.

We are proud to be a part of an entire nation’s infrastructural development through airports, stadiums and railways to name a few. In fact, it has always been our objective and aspiration to provide the impetus for the growth and development of our country in our capacity as an established name in the industrial firmament. This has been a driving force in seeking innovative solutions that could further the evolution of infrastructural India. We are proud to have partnered in the venture to put India on the global map as far as landmark constructions are concerned.

What was the initial thought process behind introducing high strength hollow sections in India?
Architects and engineers were building a new India. The need for the day was for higher grades of steel hollow sections, without which their futuristic, modern and aesthetical good-looking structures would not have been realisable. So, we developed and introduced high strength hollow sections for the first time, which more than met their needs and is now also internationally available.

Today, architects, designers and project developers are no more restricted to their dreams and our brand has set them free to convert their dreams to reality. They enjoy the freedom to experiment, imagine, embark on architectural adventures and reach the peak of their creative capability. This in turn has resulted in unfettered individual as well as collective growth, which is evident in the changing skyline of India and beyond.

What demand do you foresee in the near future as far as your YST 355 product is concerned?
We are seeing good demand for this product as this is the internationally mostly used steel hollow section grade. With the GoI’s focus on infrastructure development in railways, waterways, airports, and sports infrastructure etc., we are expecting a good demand. We also expect the AEC community to make use of this high grade steel product, which will help them in optimising their steel usage in a significant way. In fact, I feel 355 has opened up new doors to more challenging constructional ventures. This makes the sector globally competitive too. This grade is not only superior in quality and strength, it will also bring down the cost considerably. The demand for the grade is on the rise, which is evident from the orders we are receiving.

What are your plans to cater to the futuristic innovative applications of 450 grade hollow steel sections?
With us, innovation in product development has always been a continuous process. The same is driving us to continually develop newer steel grades as per the changing needs of the industry. At present, we have E410 grade successfully used for some applications. We don’t have any place for complacence here and continuous research, development and up-gradation is a way of life. So, we shall continue to innovate and bring superior solutions to our valuable consumers in the construction sector.

What initiatives are being taken by you to educate the industry and users with the enormous advantages of hollow sections?
We are working in collaboration with various academic institutions, architectural colleges and bodies like INSDAG and IIT to educate and develop the Eco System for rapid growth in the steel construction holistically. In the process, enlightening the construction sector about the ease and benefits of the hollow sections has become part of the process. Those who have already used our brand have become our spokespersons voluntarily, as they have experienced the advantages first hand.

Transforming one’s offerings as per the future demands is a sign of a true leader. What do you do in that direction? What efforts go behind in coming up with new products?
There are so many ways we go about doing that, since, as I said earlier, with us innovation has always been a continuous process. But, if I were to name one such example, it would be the introduction of new products and steel grades with different coatings to suit individual needs. In course of time, we have to progress in tandem with the changing times and economy, and the demands that come with it. So, the best way to deal with it is to understand the needs of our consumers along with their dreams and aspirations and bring appropriate solutions to them.

The cost-benefit to the client eventually lies in availability of variety of sections closer to the project location. What steps are being taken by Tata Structura to fulfil this norm?
With production facilities across India supported by a great network of stockyards and service centres, that part is completely taken care of. At Tata Steel, we incessantly try to augment our network of such centres, often reaching remote corners of the country. Our motto remains availability and timely delivery, so ease of accessibility remains a priority.

Are there any new segment/s of infrastructure that Tata Structura is currently considering venturing into?
We are looking into supplying the increased demand that we predict will come from modernisation of railway stations, industrial and infrastructure projects. Our learnings from our very successful airport projects are coming in handy here. We have already established our footprints in the metro railways, and the boom in the industrial sector has provided us with an impetus to explore more.

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