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Biz Life Noida

In the present era of rapid globalization, swelled and prolifying demands for quality, innovative and worthy lifestyle are at a high. In order to cater to these requirements, Proplarity Biz Life emerged out as one and only such milestone that is set to achieve all objectives of providing quality infrastructure with energy efficiency in ecological friendly environment.

Proplarity Group, a leading real estate giant, launched its new project in Noida, spread across nearly 5 acres. Biz Life is the new commercial project in the heart of Noida spread across 5 acres of land offering office space, retail shops, IT/ITES space at sector 62 Noida, a semi-residential and commercial sector. It offers office spaces starting from 200 sq. ft.

Through this project, Proplarity offers multiple options of investment which includes lockable spaces, virtual spaces, fully furnished office spaces, semi furnished office spaces, zoning is done in such a manner that it differentiates the basic zones like retail, public interaction spaces, congregational spaces, food and cuisine activities and offices without interfering into the function of other zones.

A blend of contemporary and eco-friendly structure design, it is a perfect amalgamation of green areas and plush interiors blend together to offer world-class experience. Initially conceived as a commercial center, finally developed into a commercial cum residential plaza. The project will eventually offer space ranging from 150. sq. ft. to 5000 sq. ft. having multiple options such as local space, virtual space along with resistance with 5-star luxury standards.

Main Features

  • Furnished and unfurnished office space
  • Provision of residential space in same building complex
  • Recreational facilities like bowling alley, cinema, club, banquet hall
  • Convenient shopping, restaurant, high street shopping
  • Quality infrastructure with energy efficiency in eco- friendly atmosphere

Aesthetics of the Exclusive
Biz Life Plaza set in a relatively complex plan and curved out line, both, in elevation and plan with setback at various labels present a stemming and at the same term. It has an aesthetically pleasing view and when completed, it shall be one of the first steel residential cum commercial complex with a dedicated objective of setting a benchmark for other similar building in NCR areas.

Describing the Unique
The building is a multi-tower type structure. The building has two basement levels, above which stands the rest commercial floors with 6500 sq. mtr. each up to 6th floor. Above the 6th floor stands two tower, both rising to 30 floors. The helipad is located on the top of Tower A.

Structural Efficiency
The units of offices are well integrated, such that the floor plan is unsymmetrical with respect to the vertical axis as well as the horizontal axis. Therefore, as a concept, a frame tube structure system analogy has been proposed to control lateral displacements due to lateral loads. Shear wall have been introduced in a core, and few other areas about the horizontal axis.

Steel-concrete composite framing has been chosen for office area and podium area which result in smaller column sizes as compared to a conventional RCC column. Steel-concrete composite systems have become quite popular in recent times because of their advantage against conventional construction. Composite construction combine the better properties of both i.e. concrete and steel and result in speedy construction with a possibility of working on a parallel front.

Typical main framing was placed in a grid size of 8m x 8m with cross beam spaced at approx. 4th center, the secondary beam spacing being dictated by loading intensity and type/class or prefilled deck shaking being deployed for the project. Above ground, the superstructure consists of composite steel structural system, both, for floor and column. Whereas ground floor and lower upper basements are in RCC, with the floor slab being conventional RCC flat slab with drop panels.

For achieving optimum structure efficiency, the structure grid spacing in the basement level have been adopted in all basement levels and continuing in the superstructure area of the tower and the retail areas. This negates the necessity of expensive transfer structure only on some portion to utilize the clear area of drive-way in parking area.

Transfer trusses are occurring at 5th and 6th floor level to provide spacious open hall for auditorium at floor and to create space with minimum number of column for banquet hall from 3rd to 5th floor. The transfer trusses pass in the building load from the upper floating column down on the main column at lower level.

We believe in coming-up with unique and pioneering projects which stand true to the standards of world-class. The design of Bizlife was conceived as an iconic building to be projected as a landmark in Noida. In this building, steel is used right from the ground floor onwards in entire building, as it assists in faster and accurate construction with best earthquake resistant design. Fabricated I sections of special grade mild steel sections are used in the making of this project.

Managing Director, Proplarity Infratech Pvt. Ltd.


Special Structural Elements
Differential shortening of columns:
All concrete element subjected to axial stresses undergo axial deformations during both, the short term and the long term, due to elastic deformation, concrete shrinkage, and creep. These effects, whilst typically negligible on shorter buildings, can become significant in tall structures, particularly where stiff elements, such as outriggers connect the central core and the perimeter column. This is due to the potentially significant stress differential that exists between these two vertical elements. The effects of short and long term column shortening will be considered in the design of the outrigger elements.

Movement Joint
Movement joints are required to accommodate the effects of changes in temperature, and hence, to control movements to below excessive levels. At movement joint locations, a complete discontinuity of the structure is achieved and so placement of joints at potential contract phasing boundaries is advantageous. This has been taken into consideration when selecting joint locations for this project. Expansion joint are provided in the extended basement between adjacent blocks filling the codal requirements.

In vertical plan, the structure system comprise of OMRF + steel bracing + ductile shear wall which is required to center relatively high seismic force, lateral force, and displacement within prescribed limit in the shear walls are kept to minimum, being provided generally in lift areas or close to lift areas.

Structural USP
Extensive use of composite construction concept is used to economize the structure steel. There is a reduced execution time required for the project due to composite construction methodology. The structural concept used in this project is a pioneer in composite construction in the entire NCR area. The project went through a complex and protracted evolution process in which various options, both, in space and layout arising out of functional changes, as well as structural concepts which finally culminated in a breath-taking look in composite construction.

Coming to terms with evolution demands for substantial change, frequently posed a challenge for structural consultant to successfully deliver the result to the satisfaction of all parties concerned including client, architect, fabricator and the contractor. However, impressing the outcome, the overall experience has been quite inspiring for structural consultants.

A part from the ever attractive cutting down of construction time, the steel frame system adopted in this building permits served interesting design features which would not be normally possible by using traditional building methods in concrete. The building was originally conceived in concrete, but, with forceful persuasion emphasizing the above-mentioned selling points in favor of steel vis-à-vis composite construction. The owner decided to choose composite construction for this building project.
HARIOM GERA, Director, Constructure Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Fact File
Function: Commercial
Client: Proplarity Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
Architect: Design Forum of Architects
Structural Consultant: Constructure Design Pvt. Ltd.
Steel Tonnage: 7000 tonnes
Current Status: Ongoing

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