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Thinking Terminology
While a lot of sketches and initial drawings were worked upon to develop what is today the final design, the initial thought process was to create something out of the box, which is not just unusual in aesthetics as a landmark structure, but, also a structural marvel, in its own way. The initial concept and sketches were inspired by the elliptical form crowned with a revolving restaurant immaculately, giving a visual of the entire city, and also forming a spectacular living sculpture for all the admirers driving along.

Steeling Big
Steel was selected as one of the major part of the building material – in fact the core ingredient – as steel is found to be one of the most flexible, yet, very sturdy materials available on planet earth. It is by far used for every type of construction activity since centuries now.

With the currently available technique and technology, steel is evolved from a mere use of it as reinforcement – today steel structures have got in vogue and the design ideas are limitless with steel. Steel not only gives one the opportunity to design big, design different but enables one to think variety of forms and shapes.

Stainless steel is a boon to the real-estate / construction industry – and is also being considered use as reinforcement, to enable a structure to last more centuries without having an issue of rusted / corroded reinforcement bars. Facades with a variety of finish and texture possibilities have welcomed steel as a permanent and maintenance free material; It goes without saying that Steel is getting best out of me, while I persevere to get the best out of Steel. Me & Steel are sure to go a long way!”

PREM NATH, Principal, Prem Nath and Associates


Iconic Features
This challenge was upturned into an elegantly standing 129m tall tower with, covering 130,000 sq. mtrs. of construction area. The construct is deliberated such that all the appendages complement each other, and yet, celebrating its identity and function uniquely.

The central core forms the spinal cord of the structure, supporting vertical access to all floors along with all frequented services. Employees, visitors, attendees, delegates, business travelers and shopping enthusiasts all are received, at their relevant points, uninterrupted and escorted to their destinations.

Employees enter at ground floor into a large lobby, guided to their office through the central core that reaches out to the top most floors. The offices are allocated on 22 floors variant in size, with 1,000,000 sq. ft. area and forming the elliptical form in elevation. Each open span floor has 3m cantilevers at the corners enhancing the elevation geometry and alternating as the refuge areas linked with fire stairways, on all floors.

Business travelers and tourists seeking luxurious hospitality are received at the separate hotel entrance, accommodating 95 hotel rooms and 5 suites from 1st to 5th floors, providing a 5-star service, through their common kitchen on the ground floor. The Business Club on the 3rd storey forms a convention pedestal for all the business conferences, meeting and celebrations. Also, encouraging health enthusiasts inhabiting the building, to rejuvenate at the health spa, gym overlooking the swimming pool, also connected to business club, office, hotel and recreation vicinity.

The shopping fanatics enjoy their shopping experience in 90,000 sq. ft. retail souk, overlooking 3 shopping floors through the entrance atrium and traversing vertically through the escalators towards the food court and recreation areas on the 4th and 5th floor, creating a family fun destination. The food court simultaneously serves both the shopping and cinema audiences.

The 1050 box office viewers are entertained in the multiplex on the 4th and 5th storey, through three 300 pax. capacity big screen and one 150 pax. mini theatre, allowing express entries from the parking areas.

The parking is accommodated in three fractions, one, puzzle parking with 1200 cars; two, 4 basement floors with 800 cars; combined to total of 2000 covered parking. Additional 100 open car parks are given on the ground floor for visitors. The service areas are contained in the 30 per cent of basement floor, serving all the sections of the financial hub.

Last but not the least, the foodies are brought to thrill through the 2 capsule lifts, reaching to the top deck on the 27th floor, hosting semi indoor events on 30,000 sq. ft. terrace. Besides adding to the amusement, a revolving restaurant is crowned on top, giving a beautiful view of the entire city, along with a unique dining experience.

Iconic Geometrics
The structure is curvilinear yet symmetrical, creating the right structural as well as architectural balance – that is how simply one can describe the geometrics of this structure. The building expanse 110 m x 44 m, on the site, devising it with a central core. The structure is pertinently subdivided into 11 x 11 m square grid, forming 11 x 4 bays, with flat post tensioned slabs, eliminating the huge beams, availing the users ease in servicing and clear height of 2.7 to 3 m, below false ceiling.

The edifice being employed for integrated offices, business club and recreation hub, a composite structural system is being proposed, having steel section cores and R.C.C. encasing, being explored extensively to limit column size and give 10 m clear span, suiting the interior workstation module of 1.5 to 2.5 m, also accommodating effortless parking space for 6 cars in a bay.

The square grid system, along with simple conventional symmetrical design in M50 grade concrete, takes care of the seismic activities; as New town is situated in Moderate – Zone 3. The structure is kept trouble-free promising, ease in execution and stability, without any acrobatics, yet appealing and leaving an iconic reference for the identity of New Town Financial Hub Various architectural as well as structural design software used. The project is currently under development and is expected to be completed within a period of 30 to 36 months.

Each of the project is a new learning experience, this one enabled the team to think out-of-the-box and strive to do more in terms of design aesthetics, architecture and structural design or detailing.

Fact File:
Function: Commercial
Client: WIDCO
Architect: Prem Nath& Associates
Consultant: Prem Nath& Associates
Tonnage: 16,000 Tonnes
Status: Concept Development

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