Saint Geours Middle School, France

School architecture requires the creation of specific spaces which are for both living in and teaching in.More than just an unoccupied space on the plan, the entrance-courtyard forms the heart of the school and is identified by a wooden canopy: the poles, with their umbrella structures, the different ways they […]

Chengdu Museum China

Tian-Fu Square was recently established in the historic core as a new central focus of Chengdu. The Existing Science museum forms the entire Northern edge with a giant statue of Chairman Mao saluting the main North South city axis, and on the east, side a new concert hall is planned. The […]

The Waterfront Pavilion, Australia

Anchored to the South wharf of Sydney’s Darling Harbour, The Action Stations at Waterside Pavilion, Australian National Museum was built to mark the centenary of World War I and commemorate 100 years of service by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The purpose of this museum pavilion building is to create […]

Floating Structure, United Kingdom

The proposed modular structure located on the River Thames could provide a flexible and secure home that will help to save the British taxpayer more than £1.8bn, based on the House Committee’s own estimates, and allows the urgent repair works to proceed. Gensler’s design accommodates all the principle components of […]

Los Angeles Bus Depot

Designing a functional, vibrant, and sustainable bus depot is tough enough. Giving the Building Team a fraction of the preferable space is another obstacle. Most metro bus depots are spread out across one level, but due to site constraints, the Building Team for the MTA Division 13 Bus Operations and […]

Drawing Studio, United Kingdom

Sir Peter Cook’s office CRAB (the Cook-Robotham Architecture Bureau) have then developed an instrument that is to be used by the students of all of its 17 departments. These range from painting, sculpture and Illustration, through to architecture, costume, drama, and model-making with the result becoming the first such dedicated […]