Essar Group is embarking on a significant green energy initiative with plans to invest Rs 30,000 crore in a green hydrogen plant in Jamnagar, Gujarat, over the next four years. This investment underscores the conglomerate’s commitment to clean energy as a cornerstone of its growth strategy.

One of the key focuses of this investment is to decarbonize its oil refinery in the UK, a move that aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Additionally, Essar Group is planning to construct a green steel plant in Saudi Arabia, further contributing to sustainable industrial practices.

Moreover, Essar Group is exploring opportunities in mining critical minerals used in electric vehicle batteries, solar panels, and wind turbine magnets. This strategic move underscores the conglomerate’s commitment to supporting the global transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy.

By leveraging 4.5 GW of renewable energy from Essar Renewables, the conglomerate aims to split water molecules to produce hydrogen and oxygen. This green hydrogen can then be used to power vehicles, generate electricity, and heat homes and businesses, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Essar Group’s commitment to sustainability extends to its plans to expand its capacity to generate electricity from coal while simultaneously building a renewable energy platform. This dual approach reflects the conglomerate’s holistic strategy towards transitioning to a greener and more sustainable energy mix.

In the realm of green mobility solutions, Essar Group is focused on building an LNG and electric ecosystem to decarbonize long-haul heavy trucks, a move that is expected to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the transportation sector.

Essar Group’s foray into sustainable energy solutions is not just limited to infrastructure and energy production. The conglomerate is also looking at retailing LNG to trucks, providing them with a cleaner and more sustainable fuel alternative.

In conclusion, Essar Group’s ambitious plans to invest in green energy solutions underscore its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. These investments are poised to not only transform Essar Group’s operations but also contribute significantly to India’s clean energy transition and global efforts to combat climate change.