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MASONPRINCE Store, Guangzhou, China

The Dongshankou area in Guangzhou, a rendezvous for stylish young people, an old Western-style house marked with the year “1931” magically resonated with the vintage DNA of MASONPRINCE as if under the influence of an irreversible universal power, and thus became the location of the brand’s first brick-and-mortar store. The vintage sports style of MASONPRINCE starkly contrasts with the futuristic style of THE GOD PRACTICE, which meanwhile creates a special visual sense. How to present such a fashion philosophy in the store space was a key consideration of the project. TOMO Design worked with MASONPRINCE to bring new experiences by creating a narrative with an interrupted timeline, incorporating a design language that “transcends the present”, and building a work scenario of “MP Studio” in the space. With an avant-garde perspective and via a unique medium, the design creates a dialogue between the past and the future. It connects the brand’s classless concept with space, brings out unbounded dynamics, and showcases a multi-dimensional time-space realm of the MASONPRINCE universe. Blurring the boundaries of time, it is related to the past, the plausible realm of the future.


A green gradient transparent glass acts as a boundary that seems to separate the store from “the present”, but also builds up a connection between them. The blurred boundary creates a middle field between reality and the fictional world. It can be a physical space that we already know or a virtual space in our imagination. In the field, the present and the past intertwine with each other. It can be a mysterious labyrinth or a boundless universe that invites the wildest imagination. As visitors venture to explore the MASONPRINCE universe, they may also become aware of the uncertainty and impact behind the boundary.

Inscribed with the logo of MASONPRINCE, the metal glitters with a futuristic sense found in science fiction, covering the old walls that belong to the present. A weird humanoid figure from the future sits behind a modern office desk. The well-selected items of MASONPRINCE are displayed here, arranged in rows stretching deep into the space under the dim, yellow light. Videos about MASONPRINCE are played on a screen, which is like a time mailbox that delivers fashion packages to time travelers who visit the store. The interplay between the future and the present within the space and the contrasts it creates bring a unique experience to the visitors. As the interrupted timeline extends deeper into the space, vagueness and contrast develop in the spatial functions and the expression of substances.

The combination of plots and scenarios creates a spatial narrative with an abnormal timeline, providing a new experience to visitors. The space conveys the values of MASONPRINCE – adhering to the original intention, breaking boundaries, and never setting limitations, and leads visitors to perceive the power of “transcending the present” and the brand’s classless spirits.


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