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Rambla Climate House, Spain

The Rambla Climate-House works as a climatic and ecological device. It is part of a series of associative initiatives, developed at the scale of independent citizens, to contribute to reparations for the environmental and climate damage caused by over-urbanization in Molina de Segura. The Rambla Climate-House collects pooled rainfall from its roofs and grey water from its showers and sinks to spray onto the Rambla’s remains and regenerate their former ecologic and climatic constitution.

Humidity and conductivity Netro-sensors activate an automatised meteorology that escapes the control of humans to reach the requirements of the reparation process. The house is organized around this elliptical section of Rambla, as an observatory in alliance with this reconstructed landscape, and as a sequence of interconnected spaces of different widths. Following the reparation of the hydrothermal conditions of the Rambla, glimpses of its former more-than-human life have rapidly re-emerged after a one-year period. Now, brachypodiums, myrtles, mastic trees, fan palms, oleanders, and fire trees grow in the elliptical section. Insects, birds, and lagomorphs find shelter in it.

Thermally, the construction of the house tests unorthodox ways to maximise energy efficiency. A marble bench around the elliptical section allows residents to cool off by allowing direct contact to the house’s thermal inertia. A coil exposed to the sun, crowning the elliptic section, provides passive hot water during the entire year.

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