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This is the third large-scale project in the leading Industrial micro-market of Chakan Industrial Area in Pune. With a capital deployment in the region of 550 cores, the project spread over 58.76 Acres will add roughly 1.6 million square feet of Grade-A Infrastructure and take our total development in the area close to 4.0 million square feet.

Some of our Grade-A facilities have been tenanted by leading global MNCs such as Bosch, Kawasaki, Jabil, Kimberly-Clark, Faurecia, Hyundai Construction, Rieter, Linamar, Gedia amongst others. When fully operational the facilities are likely to employ in excess of two thousand permanent and non-permanent employees and add to the overall development of the entire region.


With a diverse mix of manufacturing and logistics companies, the Chakan area has a robust ecosystem and continues to attract some of the largest Industrial Tenants from across the globe. When designing the park, the Industrial sector was in mind as our Parks tend to target the premium segment. The project is spread over an area of 58.76 Acres. In all there are 8 Pre-engineered multi-bay/multi-span dual-purposed Industrial and Warehouse Buildings in the Park

When designing the Parks, our endeavor was to build sustainable, resource-efficient, zero-carbon buildings. It was ensured that customers benefit both from energy and water savings. The Parks are built using environment friendly, energy-efficient building materials that meet global Green Building Standards. In addition, these buildings are going to be IGBC Gold certified.

Keeping the above stated objective in mind, when selecting the firm Associated Engineering Consultants, we laid emphasis on prior experience with execution of projects meeting this criterion. It was imperative that the Principle Architect and Consultants were able to dedicate their energy to creation of the vision in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Their flexibility and ability to adapt to changing technologies was also one of the key considerations.

Client Requirements

KSH Infra, wanted to build a world class Sustainable Grade-A facility that would house some of the largest multinational tenants from across the globe.

    • To use environmentally friendly building materials that helped in conserving water and energy
    • Focus on areas that brought in long term savings to the environment such as rainwater harvesting.
    • The target was to create a dense green cover with tree plantations that belonged to native species and avoided invasive ones that suited only the aesthetic purpose.
    • The focus was on external spaces for landscaping which could create an environment where our clients could cherish time spent in the open.
    • The buildings were designed for multiple usage types such as manufacturing, logistics, E-commerce, cold storage etc.
    • The focus on creating amenities such as driver rest areas, canteens,, parking areas, landscaped areas etc..

Unique Features

The unique features of the buildings/Park are:

    • Standing Seam roof to ensure weather tightness
    • Bare shell office with DGU (double glazed unit) Glass Façade for better Insulation, Noice reduction, and Reduced Energy bills.
    • FM2 compliant Lazer Screed Tremix flooring designed to take a load of 6 tonnes per square meter with Non-Mettalic Floor Hardeners, Armoured joints
    • Large windows and louvers to allow ample light and air.
    • Gated Community with 12 meter wide internal roads
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    • Fire-Fighting Systems with Sprinklers
    • 24/7 Security with CCTV / Control Room
    • Buildings designed to host Rooftop Solar
    • Sewage and Effluent Treatment Plants
    • Water supply from MIDC/Bore wells
    • Switching station for Uninterrupted Power from MSEDCL
    • Driver Rest Area with Toilets
    • Designated Parking Areas for Trucks and Visitors
    • Landscaping

Using Steel

Steel is the present and future of our Industry. Steel comprises of the most widely used element of the facilities. The Logistics Parks are primarily built in Steel and buildings are in the form of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) structures. The Industrial and Logistics Construction Industry is primarily dependent on Steel for its existence and the reasons are as listed below –

    • With Steel one can achieve larger spans and wider Column spacings which form the backbone of our ergonomically designed Industrial and Logistics spaces.
    • The effective design achieved by using Steel allows us to handle a wider spectrum of client needs be it manufacturing, logistics, e-Commerce, cold storage, bulk storage etc.
    • Steel buildings are known globally to be environmentally friendly and highly recyclable in conten steel buildings are cost effective as one can compress delivery cycles and execution and installation can be controlled.
    • Steel buildings are highly scalable and one can expand them quite seamlessly.
    • Steel buildings are safe and can be designed to be earthquake resistant.
    • Steel buildings are highly durable and long lasting and especially robust in terms of quality.

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