MPavilion, Melbourne

OMA founder Rem Koolhaas and colleague David Gianotten have unveiled plans to create a reconfigurable amphitheater topped by a translucent, floating roof for this year’s MPavilion in Melbourne. The two architects plan to create a “theatre for ideas” in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens for the fourth edition of MPavilion, an […]

Solar Egg, Kiruna

Riksbyggen is commemorating the start of Kiruna’s urban transformation project by opening Solar Egg, a public sauna art installation by prizewinning artistic duo Bigert & Bergström, to the city and its inhabitants. Solar Egg is an oval sauna created by the internationally renowned artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström. It […]

Lucky Knot Bridge, China

When NEXT architects first unveiled images for their extraordinary Lucky Knot bridge, the Möbius Strip-inspired design seemed too good to be true. But just a few months ago, fantasy became reality with the project’s opening in Changsha, China. Bridging local context and culture with modern design and technology, the Lucky […]

Ricco Showroom, Brazil

Super Limao Studio was invited by Ricco to develop a design to their new space facade in São Paulo, Brazil. With the aim to provide more visibility and convey attributes linked to a century corporate furniture’s brazilin brand, the big challenge was to build a new facade to a pre-existing […]

Maison Stephane Hessel, France

The competition for a new mixed-use building in Lille piqued our interest both in its unprecedented mixture of program and its prominent triangular site in the heart of the new district of Porte de Valenciennes. The brief outlined a 70-cradle nursery, a 200-bed youth hostel, and an office dedicated to social and […]

Senzoku Gakuen College of Music

The dome shape of the Silver Mountain building features a powerful outline and represents a remarkable landmark of the Senzoku Gakuen campus. Such a peculiar silhouette is a result of the building’s functional needs. The eye-catching 3-storey structure designed to host mainly rehearsal studios is a reinforced concrete shell with […]

Theme Pavilion, Qinddao

The World Horticultural Expo that took place the Chinese city of Qingdao and is expected to attract 15 million international visitors. The main theme of the expo was ‘From the Earth, For the Earth’ and aims to encourage the exchange of culture, technology and horticultural knowledge. In its design for the […]

Ninja Star Shaped Pavilion, Tokyo

Architecture graduate students and design professionals at the Digital Fabrication Lab at the University of Tokyo collaborated on the design and construction of a unique and temporary pavilion. Constructed of prestressed cables and compressive steel components, the pavilion is built upon Buckminster Fuller’s principles of tensegrity. The pavilion was titled “Ninety-Nine Failures” after […]

Beersheba Station Bridge, Israel

Tel-Aviv firms Bar Orian Architects and Rokach Ashkenazi Engineers have built a bridge in the Israeli city of Beersheba, featuring arches that create the shape of two eyes. The 210-metre-long bridge traverses a series of railway tracks, providing a link between the Beersheba North Railway Station and the Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park. Bar Orian and Rokach Ashkenazi won an […]