YEIDA’s board recently granted in-principle approval for two ambitious projects near the upcoming Noida International Airport. The first is a sprawling 200-acre exhibition and convention center planned for Sector 7. This center aims to serve as a pivotal hub for various industries, facilitating product launches, business meetings, and interactions among industry leaders. Its strategic proximity to the airport enhances its appeal as a convenient venue for national and international events.

Simultaneously, YEIDA has greenlit another significant initiative: a 200-acre Expo Mart in Sector 8 dedicated to promoting furniture and handicrafts. These developments are part of YEIDA’s broader vision to foster economic growth and bolster the region’s infrastructure, catering specifically to industry needs and enhancing business opportunities.

Partnering with India Exposition Mart Ltd, YEIDA is conducting comprehensive feasibility studies to determine optimal construction methodologies and revenue generation strategies for both projects. CEO Arun Vir Singh highlighted the potential of Sector 7’s convention center to become South Asia’s largest, marking a significant step towards positioning the region as a hub for regional and international events.

In addition to these projects, YEIDA has allocated substantial land in sectors 22 F and 23 B for additional amenities, including an international golf course, open stadium, amusement park, and amphitheater. These amenities are designed not only to meet recreational needs but also to support the economic and cultural vitality of the region.

To enhance connectivity, YEIDA has forged agreements with NHAI to construct new roads, including a VIP access route to the airport and interchanges linking the Eastern Peripheral Expressway with the Yamuna Expressway. These infrastructure enhancements underscore YEIDA’s proactive approach to development, aiming to meet current demands and lay the foundation for future growth in Noida and its surrounding areas.