The Yogi Adityanath government has unveiled its ambitious Master Plan 2031 for Moradabad, famously known as the Brass City (Peetal Nagri), aiming to bolster the city’s economic prowess and cultural heritage. At the core of this plan is the revitalization of the brass handicrafts industry, integral to the One District One Product (ODOP) initiative. Plans include the creation of a dedicated handicraft village and a sprawling MSME park, designed to amplify local artisanal skills and boost industrial output.

In addition to fostering artisanal growth, the master plan outlines robust strategies to propel Moradabad’s industrial sector forward. This includes the development of industrial and logistics parks, set to catalyze economic activities and create employment opportunities. Officials project a significant population increase, estimating Moradabad’s current population of 1.3 million to reach approximately 1.7 million by 2031. To accommodate this growth, the plan emphasizes the need for enhanced socio-cultural infrastructure and sustainable urban development practices.

Moreover, the master plan underscores the importance of environmental conservation alongside urban expansion. Initiatives focus on integrating green spaces and sustainable practices into city planning, aiming to preserve Moradabad’s natural environment while supporting its economic growth. Traffic management also features prominently, with proposals for a 60-meter-wide ring road aimed at alleviating congestion and improving connectivity across the city.

Further enhancing Moradabad’s industrial landscape, the plan includes a 36-meter-wide industrial corridor to link the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with the city’s industrial zone. This corridor is expected to streamline logistics and facilitate smoother operations for businesses. The master plan’s comprehensive approach extends to educational and healthcare facilities, with proposals for a Knowledge City and a Medicity to cater to the city’s evolving needs.

The vision for Moradabad’s development also encompasses cultural enrichment and recreational amenities, such as a Sports City, AYUSH Park, and specialized clusters like the Sugarcane Processing Cluster and Cattle Colony. These initiatives aim to diversify Moradabad’s economic base while enhancing quality of life for its residents.