Construction of the Kurla elevated railway station is progressing as steel girders are being placed to decongest the existing Kurla station and segregate rail traffic. The project, aimed at eliminating delays and overcrowding, has faced delays but is now rapidly advancing, with the girders being assembled near level crossing gate 9A. The elevated station will feature three platforms, resembling the layout of Parel terminus, and is expected to facilitate smoother rail operations. This development is part of a larger initiative to enhance railway infrastructure in Mumbai and improve commuter experience.

The elevated station is a significant infrastructure project for the Central Railway, seeking to address the congestion issues at the current Kurla station by providing dedicated platforms for different train services. The new station will have three platforms, catering to trains terminating at Kurla, those heading towards CSMT, and those bound for Panvel. This layout will streamline train operations and reduce congestion on the tracks, benefiting both passengers and the overall rail network.

The construction of the elevated station involves the placement of steel girders, which serve as the framework for the station’s elevated structure. These girders have been assembled near level crossing gate 9A and will be raised and placed on pillars to support the station’s elevated platforms. The assembly and placement of these girders require meticulous planning and execution to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the elevated station.

Once completed, the elevated station will not only enhance the commuter experience but also contribute to the overall efficiency of the railway network in Mumbai. By segregating outstation and local trains on the existing main line, the station will help reduce delays and improve the overall reliability of train services. Additionally, the station will bypass the freight trains crossing over the harbour line at Kurla station, further reducing congestion and improving the flow of rail traffic in the area.

Overall, the construction of the Kurla elevated railway station is a significant step towards modernising Mumbai’s railway infrastructure and improving the overall efficiency and reliability of train services in the city.