Mumbai is witnessing a significant boost to its suburban rail connectivity. The Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) recently achieved a major milestone with the successful launch of the final girder for a new Road Under Bridge (RUB) on the Pune Expressway near Chikhale station. This accomplishment marks a crucial step forward in the ongoing Panvel-Karjat corridor construction project, a key component of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP) III. Managed by MRVC, the project aims to significantly enhance transportation infrastructure within the Mumbai metropolitan region. With construction progressing at a steady pace, the project remains on track for completion by December 2025, promising improved connectivity and a more convenient commuting experience for the public.
The newly launched bridge boasts a sophisticated design featuring four 61-meter Open Web Girder (OWG) spans for both Up and Down railway lines. This innovative structure represents a substantial advancement in suburban railway infrastructure, facilitating smoother traffic flow and enhanced connectivity between Panvel and Karjat. The bridge effectively addresses longstanding transportation challenges in the region, paving the way for a more efficient and reliable rail network.
The successful launch of the fourth OWG girder, designated for the Mumbai-Pune direction on the Down line, took place on April 10, 2024. Despite a scheduled three-hour traffic block, the operation was completed efficiently within just 1.5 hours. This minimized disruption for commuters and ensured a faster-than-anticipated resumption of regular traffic flow.
This impressive feat was achieved through a combination of meticulous planning, skilled execution, and a strong focus on safety. A dedicated team of 120 workers played a critical role, meticulously carrying out the operation with the aid of specialized Hilman rollers for precise girder movement. Stringent safety measures were paramount throughout the process, with standby equipment and medical assistance readily available to safeguard the well-being of workers and the public. Additionally, effective traffic management, overseen by a team of 25 personnel from the Traffic Police department, played a crucial role in minimizing disruption and maintaining the flow of traffic during the operation.
The successful launch of the final girder signifies a significant milestone in the ongoing development of Mumbai’s suburban railway infrastructure. As construction of the Panvel-Karjat corridor progresses, the project promises to deliver substantial benefits to the Mumbai metropolitan region. Improved connectivity, enhanced transportation efficiency, and a more robust rail network all lie on the horizon, contributing to the overall development and growth of the region.