Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled a groundbreaking petrochemical project valued at Rs 20,600 crore in Gujarat. Operated by Petronet LNG at Dahej, the project marks a significant expansion in India’s petrochemical sector. It promises to enhance hydrogen production and augment the supply of polypropylene, aligning with the nation’s developmental objectives.

This strategic investment highlights the government’s dedication to fostering a progressive India and meeting the diverse needs of its populace. The prime minister emphasized the importance of such initiatives in securing a brighter future for the country, particularly for its youth, in line with India’s path of growth and development.

The Dahej petrochemical complex boasts state-of-the-art facilities for handling ethane and propane and strategically sits near an existing LNG regasification terminal. This proximity is expected to yield substantial operational efficiencies and cost savings, further bolstering the project’s economic viability.

Additionally, PM Modi inaugurated 50 Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras in Ahmedabad and other locations, extending access to affordable, high-quality generic medicines. This move not only aims to enhance healthcare accessibility for railway passengers but also creates job opportunities and ensures the widespread availability of cost-effective medical solutions for travellers across the nation.