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Railway Ministry Targets 1,318 Stations under Amrit Bharat Scheme

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has announced that the Railway Ministry has identified 1,318 railway stations for development or redevelopment under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme (ABSS). This update contrasts with previous parliamentary responses indicating 1,309 stations for revamp.

Vaishnaw provided details on the ABSS, explaining, “The Ministry of Railways has launched the ‘Amrit Bharat Station scheme’ for the development of stations on the Indian Railways network. This scheme aims to develop stations continuously with a long-term perspective.”

He outlined the scheme’s objectives, including the phased preparation and implementation of master plans to enhance amenities like station access, waiting halls, cleanliness, and Wi-Fi tailored to each station’s specific needs.

“So far, 1,318 stations, including 30 in Punjab, have been identified for development/redevelopment under this scheme. Additionally, 1,251 stations have been developed under the Adarsh Station Scheme, including 32 in Punjab,” he added.

The ABSS also focuses on broader goals such as building improvement, city integration, multimodal connectivity, facilities for persons with disabilities, environmental sustainability, and the creation of city centres at stations in the long term.

In response to queries from Rajya Sabha MP Ashok Kumar Mittal about station redevelopment in Punjab under ABSS and the previous Adarsh Station Scheme, Vaishnaw provided insights.

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