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Wuchazi Bridge, Chengdu

The Wuchazi Bridge is a crucial pedestrian bridge over the Jin River in Southern Chengdu, Hi-tech Zone, connecting Guixi nad Zhonghe sub-districts. This municipal pedestrian bridge has adopted the structural form of steel box grid and steel box arch. With a total area of 4180sq. m, the design of the bridge originates from the concept of Mobius- the infinity ring. This four-dimensional concept has been abstractly adapted into the three-dimensional space, forming the mathematical infinity symbol. The infinity symbol represents the unlimited developmental possibilities that the Chengdu High-tech Zone has to offer. The WuchaziBridge is divided into two parts- the upstream bridge which is the main bridge and the downstream bridge which is the auxiliary bridge. The two parts are connected via channels. In order to meet the navigation and flood discharge requirements, the main bridge has two sections. The first section is a two-span continuous steel box grid bridge, and the second section is a four-span slant legged rigid frame bridge.

The steel structure adopted auxiliary bridge has been designed into three spans. The first and the second spans have been especially shaped to form steel box arch bridges and to meet the requirements of navigation and flood discharge. The third span has been designed as an inclined legged frame structure. The main bridge is 346.89m long and varies between 4.65 to 9.88m wide, connecting greenways on both sides of the river for cycling. The auxiliary bridge is 208.78m long and 6m to 14.53m in width. There is crescent-shaped theatre steps for the public to enjoy the river scenery. The height of the main bridge girder is variable in height. The lowest is at the top of Z2 pier with a vertical height of 1 m. The highest point is at the axis Z4-1 with a vertical height of about 2.4m. The main arch ring of the auxiliary bridge stands at a height of 1.5m. With a hope to show off a different landmark over the Jin River, the unique shape of the bridge is equipped with concise atmospheric modern floodlighting, splashing the bridge against the night sky.

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