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IndoSpace Logistics Park Tamil Nadu

A Logistic park intended to be a multi span A Type Pre-engineered building structure for Warehousing and Light Industry.

Structural Aspects
The design was based on MBMA standard with roof top solar panels. The structure had absolute water tightness sheeting and gutter work close tolerance with fit and forget approach. C R Narayana Rao Consultants provided Architectural and Design Engineering Services.

The site area is 29.80 Acres with 50 per cent plot coverage.

The structure was created with Flexibility for multiuse mode viz: A Multi span A type PEB structure for Warehousing and Light Industry.

It has closer tolerances in fabrication and erection ensuring absolute water tightness.


Starting from supply of red steel to detailing to avoid possible rework fabrication accuracy, care in transportation to avoid distortion / damage, effective erection control, was the key factors emphasized on this work. End results was worth for the efforts, to ensure high quality work, only possible in steel construction.

C.N. Srinivasan, Managing Director, C R Naryana Rao Consultants Pvt Ltd


Salient Features
Site Area – 29.80 Acres with 50 per cent Plot coverage.
Purpose of Building – Warehousing and Light Industry

List of Buildings:

  • Warehouses
  • Fire Pump Room and Fire Tanks
  • Gate Houses
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Drivers Rest Room
  • Workers Locker Room
  • Rainwater Harvesting Pond

Type of Wall
Precast Waffle Wall fixed above RCC Plinth Wall.

Electrical System

  • Illumination level of 100 lux at the security gate, 15 lux for the main road, 5 lux for peripheral road.
  • Internal and External Electrification of the Warehouse as per the end user requirement.

Fire Protection System

  • Fire Tank capacity RCC above Ground 640 cum Double compartment.
  • External and internal yard hydrant provided
  • Fire Extinguisher provided
  • Fire Alarm system provided
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