Waaree Renewable Technologies has been awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for Juna Renewable Energy’s 412.5 MWp/335 MW photovoltaic project in Kawani Village, Bikaner district, Rajasthan. Juna Renewable Energy is a subsidiary of ACCIONA Energy, a global leader in renewable energy solutions.

This utility-scale solar plant will deploy advanced bifacial solar modules supplied by Waaree Energies. These modules, installed on horizontal single-axis trackers, are designed to maximise energy yield through enhanced light absorption and improved tracking capabilities. As the EPC contractor, Waaree Renewable Technologies will provide comprehensive services including design engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the project. The scope of work includes the installation of a 33/220 kV plant substation, power transformers, and a combination of automatic and semi-automatic module cleaning robots and spares.

Viren Doshi, Executive Director of Waaree Renewable Technologies, highlighted the significance of this project as a demonstration of their expertise in executing large-scale solar projects, from module supply to turnkey EPC solutions. He expressed confidence in their ability to efficiently deliver the project, ensuring seamless integration of advanced technologies and sustainable practices.

Radhakrishnan Ramachandran, Managing Director at ACCIONA Energía in India, emphasised the honour of partnering with Waaree Renewable Technologies. He noted that Waaree’s commitment to renewable energy and expertise in the domain distinguished them as a reliable partner. He expressed optimism about the project’s efficiency and its contribution to India’s renewable energy goals and sustainable future.

The Juna Renewable Energy solar project represents a significant step forward in India’s pursuit of ambitious renewable energy targets and the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. Harnessing solar power, this plant is expected to generate clean electricity while offsetting substantial greenhouse gas emissions, driving environmental sustainability in the region. Its successful execution is anticipated to underscore India’s steadfast commitment to embracing renewable sources and combating climate change impacts through large-scale green energy initiatives.