Brigade Enterprises has announced a significant new project in collaboration with Infopark Kochi to develop a third building complex of the World Trade Centre (WTC). The project, which carries an estimated investment of INR 150 crore, marks a major expansion for Infopark Kochi and is set to boost the local economy substantially.

The upcoming WTC Kochi will feature a 16-storey tower equipped with six decks of car parking. This impressive structure will be located on a non-Special Economic Zone (SEZ) plot and will provide approximately 2.6 lakh square feet of built-up space. The project aims to be completed within three years, promising to add a modern and substantial landmark to the city’s skyline.

A key highlight of the project is its potential to create around 2,700 direct jobs, contributing significantly to employment opportunities in the region. The land lease agreement for the development was officially signed in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday, June 19, signifying a strong commitment to the project from both Brigade Enterprises and Infopark Kochi.

This new development is poised to enhance the infrastructure and commercial capacity of Infopark Kochi, reflecting the continued growth and investment in Kochi’s business and technology sectors. As part of the larger expansion plans for Infopark, the WTC Kochi will play a crucial role in attracting new businesses and fostering economic growth in the region.