The Border Roads Organization (BRO) has completed the construction of a modular bridge at Toong in North Sikkim, set to open for traffic by the end of this month. This new bridge replaces the old one washed away during the Glacial Lake Outflow Flood (GLOF) in October last year.

Despite challenging weather conditions, BRO workers completed the construction of the modular bridge at Toong, showcasing their commitment to restoring critical infrastructure. The early operation of the Toong Bridge is expected to bring significant relief to the region.

Work on the approach road to the bridge is still ongoing, and the bridge is likely to be opened for traffic by the end of this month. This new bridge will connect Mangan to Chungthang, improving connectivity in the region.

Additionally, the BRO has constructed massive retaining structures and a Bailey Suspension Bridge at Phidang in North Sikkim. These efforts aim to provide seamless connectivity between the Dikchu and Dzongu regions, further enhancing transportation in the area.

These construction projects are part of a broader initiative to improve road connectivity in North Sikkim, which was severely affected by the GLOF last year. The disaster resulted in the loss of approximately 20 km of road network and 16 bridges in the region.

The completion of the two bridges and ongoing road construction efforts demonstrate the BRO’s continuous commitment to restoring vital infrastructure in North Sikkim. These projects are vital for the region’s recovery and long-term development.