The ongoing redevelopment of Prayagraj Junction is a multifaceted project that aims to enhance both the historical significance and modern functionality of the railway station. With a focus on preserving its heritage while fostering development, the project includes the relocation of trains to streamline operations and improve passenger experience. The construction of a 72-meter-wide concourse on the Civil Lines side marks the beginning of the second phase, which is expected to be completed by 2026.

Previous phases of the project have already demonstrated significant progress. Piling work on platforms nine and ten was successfully completed in February, necessitating the relocation of 27 trains to Cheoki railway station. To facilitate further construction, platforms seven and eight have been temporarily closed, with plans for reopening by June 11. This strategic approach ensures minimal disruption to daily operations while allowing for the seamless execution of the redevelopment plan.

The ambitious nature of the project is reflected in its substantial budget allocation, totaling Rs 9.6 billion, the highest in the country for such a redevelopment initiative. The project’s vision includes transforming Prayagraj Junction into a hub of modern amenities comparable to those found in airports. This includes plans for a modern barrack for the Railway Protection Force, capable of accommodating 200 personnel, and a nine-storey building that will house various facilities.

Passenger amenities are also a key focus of the redevelopment plan. The new station will feature spacious dining areas, retail outlets, a food plaza, and VIP lounges, all designed to enhance the overall passenger experience. Additionally, the station will be equipped with ramps, automated stairs, lifts, and multi-level parking facilities to ensure accessibility and convenience for all passengers.

The project timeline is well-defined, with structural work expected to conclude by October 2024. The second phase of the project will extend from February 1, 2025, to December 2026, ensuring that the redevelopment is completed in a timely manner. Overall, the redevelopment of Prayagraj Junction represents a significant step towards modernizing India’s railway infrastructure while preserving its rich heritage.