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Plans Unveiled for Indore’s Grand Seven-Story Railway Station

Indore city’s upcoming railway station building has been unveiled, offering a breathtaking glimpse of architectural splendour. Set to be a seven-storied marvel, it dwarfs the current station building, being ten times its size. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to virtually lay the foundation stone for this monumental structure on February 26.

In celebration of this event, a function is planned at the railway station. According to MP Shankar Lalwani, the new building is poised to be a state-of-the-art marvel, boasting a generous built-up area of 4.56 lakh square feet, a significant leap from the current 50,000 square feet. Lalwani expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Modi, highlighting that the new station is meticulously designed to cater to the city’s needs for the next five decades and will stand seven stories tall.

Anticipated features include a concourse atop all four platforms, housing shops catering to every passenger need. Lalwani disclosed that the first phase would incur an expenditure of Rs 495 crore, with the new station anticipated to become operational in 2027. He added that the station will be well-equipped with 26 lifts and 17 escalators, promising a seamless and modern commuting experience.

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