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Roofing systems have seen a sea change from cement asbestos sheets to screw-down sheets. Roofing systems have evolved and better-quality roofing sheets with improved coatings for wear resistance and weather resistance have come up from large OEM players.

Liner panels have not only improved the aesthetic look of sheds from the inside but it has also gone a long way in ensuring better cleanliness and better reflective lighting.

While Bare Galvalume sheeting is still the most sought-after and predominantly used roofing material, the RMP and SMP color-coated sheets are catching up. Apart from the formed roof, the use of Puff Panels and Liner Panels is growing especially in the specialized application sectors like cold storage, pharmaceutical and food industry.

More advanced systems in roofing like Clip-on and Standing Seam will see a gradual rise in usage based on the affordability of the same, however for now, basic screw-down metal roofing systems will continue to create demand. Hence more sophisticated processes to enhance color stability and atmospheric wear resistance coatings on the sheeting material will induce demand.

Requirement & Solutions
Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd. has in the recent past prepared an industrial shed for an aluminium product manufacturing firm in Nashik.

As part of the project requirements and the possibility of extraordinary wear of the steel profile sheet due to process conditions, we have supplied Aluminium Profile sheets for walls and roof.

We have also provided sheds with Liner Panels on the roof for a major export-oriented food processing unit near Nagpur. The liner Panel on the roof and walls was a process necessary for better cleanliness, hygiene and norms of the food industry.

We recently started the execution of an order with Puff panels on the roof and walls for a G+1 building for an IT Park. The Puff panel was required for better office ambiance, soundproofing and air-conditioning and heat resistance.

Some other projects include the design and construction of a pharmaceutical unit near Chindwara where the entire process area has been covered with Puff Panels as well as a cold storage facility in PEB structure with Puff Panel lining on the wall and roof at Nagpur.

The cases referred to above primarily show the vast possibilities of Steel Buildings, a green alternative to the conventional RCC structure. While the demands from the customer keep growing, the use of new technologies for enhanced consumer experience ensures that the PEB is in for the long endurance race. The industry faces peculiar and critical problems due to their process conditions which need to be provided with amicable, cost-effective and reasonable solutions. The few cases cited above are to ensure that customer expectations are surpassed while not burning a hole in their pockets.

BSIL as part of their ongoing consumer interaction and enhancement drive has received consistent customer appreciation for the solutions provided. The varied needs of the modern industry be it in terms of large clear span areas, the possibility of heat insulation and temperature reduction, air conditioning and cleanliness and hygiene, if not addressed are an impedance to the growth of the industrial sector. BSIL through its dedicated and concerted efforts has been at the forefront in providing customized solutions catering to the specific needs of each customer.

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