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Govt seeks bids to set up green hydrogen plants

Government of India will by May invite bids for subsidies for setting up green-hydrogen manufacturing and utilisation hubs, fertiliser and steel plants based on the fuel, and factories for making electrolysers according to media sources.

The bidding process is part of a first phase of a $2 billion incentive plan announced last week to boost use of green hydrogen to cut emissions and make India a major exporter in the field.

Green hydrogen is hydrogen made with renewable energy. The plan aims at using it in fertiliser and steel production in place of hydrogen made with fossil fuels, blending it into urban gas supply gas and promoting its use in transportation.

Establishing electrolyser factories and hubs for making and using green hydrogen could attract interest from such big companies such as Reliance Group and Adani Group, which have already committed billions of dollars to green-hydrogen activities. Electrolysers are devices for making hydrogen.

Reportedly the government will call within three to four months for competitive bids for establishing two green hydrogen hubs.

In the same period it will seek bids for setting up two fertiliser plants using green hydrogen and green ammonia – ammonia made with green hydrogen.

Besides, steel projects using 100 percent green hydrogen will also be set up as per the sources.

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