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Pushing limits and designing structures that are unique and different from the previous one makes the designing firm best in hotel structures. noa*aims to create structures that are not only outstanding in terms of design but also that are user friendly.

To speak about architectural designs, future and innovation we have with us Andreas Profanter, Partner, noa* ….

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Q. How has been your journey from your first venture as an architect to now?

A. To be honest, I never thought of becoming an architect. During the summer of 2004 I had to decide on what to study, and I choose architecture out of a pure gut feeling. I developed a deep passion for my study from day one, not just because of the creative aspects of my work but also because of the way it freed my mind.

After a semester in Graz, Austria, and a working experience in Paris I decided to return to Italy. With noa*, I specialized in Hotel Architecture. Today we are trying to push the limits and boundaries of what a Hotel can be with every new project we work on. Occasionally, a project like the Viewpoint at Ötzi Peak comes up and becomes the perfect playground for me.


Q. What all aspects do you consider while designing any project?

A. When we start designing a project, we always start with a thorough analysis of the genius loci. Every site has its peculiarities which need to be accounted for when designing a project and the vision and wishes of the client also need to be considered. In case of designing a hotel, the needs of the guests also need to be considered.

A design often is strongly influenced by all of these, sometimes quite differing, aspects. Our job is to absorb all these variables and distill them into a strong and unique story. The quality of a building is never defined by its most apparent characteristics but always and foremost by the story it must tell. Therefore, this is one of the most important aspects when designing a building.


Q. What is your signature style while designing a project? What makes your design style different from other contemporaries?

A. I can proudly say that there is no signature style when it comes to our projects. Each project is unique.This is what our clients are aiming at and what we try to achieve especially while working with tourism this is an aspect that cannot be ignored.

Everybody’s holidays throughout the year are numbered and we all want to have the kind of experience that cannot be replicated that easily; we not only seek for special places but also for interesting stories. The combination of these two has the potential to make for an unforgettable holiday experience. This is exactly what we try to deliver while designing our projects.


Q. How have technological advancements influenced your work?

A. We try to keep up with technological advancements not just digitally but also physically as well. Three-dimensional design tools and augmented reality have both had a huge impact not only on the way we design a project but also on the mindset with which we approach certain aspects.

Currently we are working on a project where a freeform roof shell is parameterized so that single pieces can be 3D printed by robots later. The material used in this project is recycled plastic. We like these kinds of experiments because it gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves constantly.


Q. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your work?

A. While studying in Innsbruck I had a professor by the name of Volker Giencke- he sure had a lasting impact on the way I perceive architecture. The way he talked about architecture was truly inspiring. He always put the human being at the center of every designnot only in a physical sense but also regarding the mindset of each one of us.

The central aspects of his lectures used to be the importance of a character and how one feels while entering a building. Today, every time I design a building, I think of my professor’s credo.


Q. What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work? What do you want to be remembered for?

A. Architecture should make you smile, it should be able to comfort you and make you feel good. It should give an additional value to our normal, mundane, daily lives.A building, regardless ofits primary purpose, never serves just one function.

It not only has a lasting impact on its inhabitants who live on the inside but also on its immediate surroundings and often even on the social lives and behavior. As an architect one needs to be aware of these kinds of implications and of the responsibilities that come with it. This is what I believe in and what I try to make right with every design I draw up.

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