The Largest Industrial Fasteners Manufacturer in India and the proud worldwide owner of the brand Unbrako, Deepak Fasteners Limited has 5 high-tech manufacturing plants, and has been serving the market by meeting all International Standards like DIN, ISO, ASTM, IS, BS, etc. in grades 5,8, 10.9 & 12.9

DFL has NABL approved Laboratory and excels in a variety of coatings done in-house, designed to provide required protection in different environments, like Hot Dip Galvanizing, Mechanical Galvanizing, Electroplating (Zinc & Copper Cadmium), PTFE Coating, Zinc-Al Flake Coating (Geomet, Delta Protect) and Unbrako Wiscoat coating.

Having a history of 100+ years Unbrako aims to provide precision products at its best.

Product Description
• Socket Screws
• Hex Bolt & Screws
• Tension Control Bolts
• HSFG Bolt
• Arc Welding Stud/Shear Connector
• Rebar Coupler
• Stud Bolts
• Threaded Rods
• Stainless Steel Fasteners
• Hexagon Wrenches
• Nylock Nuts
• Hex Nuts
• Flange Nuts
• Plain Washer
• Hardened Washer
• Spring Washer