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₹800 Crore Allocated for Key Railway Projects in Visakhapatnam

In response to a query posed by a BJP member in the Rajya Sabha, G.V.L. Narasimha Rao, the Union Minister for Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, has communicated that a considerable sum of around ₹800 crore has been allocated for various railway infrastructure initiatives in Visakhapatnam during the current year.

Among the recently approved undertakings is a railway line expansion project encompassing the 3rd and 4th lines connecting Visakhapatnam and Gopalapatnam, extending over a distance of 15.3 km. This particular endeavour has been allocated a budget of ₹159.47 crore.

Furthermore, a novel railway line project pertaining to the 3rd and 4th lines connecting Duvvada and Simhachalam North, covering a span of 20.543 km, has been sanctioned at an estimated cost of ₹302.20 crore. Another distinct initiative is the creation of the 3rd and 4th lines connecting Vadlapudi and Gate Junction cabin, including a Tie line between Gangavaram Port and Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, spanning 12.04 km, with a budget allocation of ₹154.28 crore.

An additional aspect of this development is the endorsement of a flyover construction project between Pendurthi and Simhachalam North at Simhachalam, covering a distance of 7.135 km, with financial approval amounting to ₹183.65 crore.

The Minister highlighted that these initiatives have been authorized to address capacity limitations, alleviate train delays, and prepare for future traffic growth in the Visakhapatnam area. Notably, the process of land acquisition for these projects is already underway, as informed by the Minister.

Expressing his gratitude, Narasimha Rao, who was recently appointed as a Member of the Railway Users’ Consultative Committee of the East Coast Railway, extended his thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Railway Minister for the substantial financial allocations dedicated to railway projects in the Visakhapatnam region. He voiced optimism that these ventures will significantly contribute to the advancement of the railway network in the Visakhapatnam region, ultimately leading to enhanced convenience for passengers.

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