Be Part of the 100+ Steel Construction Masterpieces Highlighted in May 2024

From Concept to Construction: ME&STEEL SSMB Calls for Your Projects

Are you working on a groundbreaking steel construction project that pushes boundaries and redefines possibilities?

SSMB Magazine is gearing up for its highly anticipated annual Steel Construction Special ME&STEEL Issue in May 2024. Last year, we featured over 100 awe-inspiring projects, creating a landmark resource for the industry.

This year, we want YOU to be a part of it!

Why Showcase Your Project in SSMB?

Unparalleled Exposure: Reach a targeted audience of industry professionals, potential clients, and steel construction enthusiasts.
  • Credibility and Recognition: Gain valuable recognition for your innovative project and expertise.
  • Inspire the Industry: Be featured alongside some of the most remarkable steel construction projects of the year.
  • Amplify Your Portfolio: Showcase your work in a prestigious publication, elevating your brand and attracting new partnerships.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Don't miss out! April 19 is your final chance to submit your project and shine!
  • High-quality photos showcasing the project's design, construction process, and final outcome.
  • A brief project description highlighting key aspects like materials, innovative techniques, and sustainability features (if applicable).
  • Architect/Engineer/Construction firm information for credits.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Be Featured: Submit Your Steel Project Form