Taksim Pavilion, Turkey

The most important public spaces of democracy for contemporary cities are squares. Those who live in the city come together freely in these spaces where their differences turn into acquaintances and a feeling of belonging to the city becomes open for everyone. Therefore, cities find a meaning through the presence of squares. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has initiated the process of redesigning several important public places with the participation of Istanbul residents in order to enhance the life of the city and to assert the right for a free urban life in Istanbul. Urban design competitions will be opened for important squares of Istanbul, especially Taksim Square.

The pavilion is an amphitheater made up of two wings that connect to the square through steps at both sides. The stage becomes an activity platform surrounded by two tribunes that face each other. The steps are made of wood modules that are placed on a steel structure. The stage hosts a surface of 180m2 where dance, theatre, music or spontaneous performances can be watched. More importantly, the urban design competition finalists will be voted by the Istanbulians here, making the pavilion a place to discuss new ideas for the city. Under the amphitheater an exhibition space includes an overview of the history of Taksim square. The envelope is made of thin steel elements that become also the handrails above. Joining Station designed by IND branch was built in Istanbul Taksim Square in 2020.