Sheraton Moon Hotel, Shanghai

Sheraton Moon Hotel is located next to Nan Tai Lake in Huzhou, a city situated west of Shanghai and north of Hangzhou, overlooking Suzhou and Wuxi across the lake. The favorable cultural and geographical environment brings both traditional and modern atmospheres to the hotel, distinguished by its unique design which integrates the building into the waterscape of Tai Lake, subsequently creating a poetic yet artificial echo of the natural landscape.

The Moon Hotel takes full advantage of its waterfront by directly integrating architecture and nature. The circular building corresponds with its reflection in the water, creating a surreal picture and connection between real and phantom. Beneath the sunlight and the reflection of the lake, the curved shape of the building is crystal clear. Soft light wraps around the hotel and the water, resembling the bright moon rising above the lake, blending classic and modern through the reflection.

The mesh curved surface structure makes the building more solid and it is this solidity that is further enhanced by the bridge-like bracing steel structure that connects with the double cone structure at the top floor. The hotel façade is covered with layers of fine-textured white aluminum rings and glass, bringing about illusion and drama of the building scale. The Moon Hotel puts emphasis on the harmony of man and nature and enhances visitors’ sensual and spiritual experiences, undoubtedly becoming Huzhou’s new symbol of humanity and nature.