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Redevelopment of Charbagh Railway Stations Lucknow

The ambitious vision of Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi in transforming railway stations to epicenters and intermodal hubs, giving global integrated solutions to futuristic developments is what has been visualized for the entire redevelopment of Charbagh Railway station.

The Mughal architectural marvel of 18th Century from Lucknow, the Charbagh Railway station is on the benches of serious discussions and contemplations on the basis of “Redevelopment” to serve the surge in population and the futuristic requirements in stipulations of facilities and infrastructure.

The term redevelopment holds subdued interpretations in the case of railway station which needs to be very much functional throughout, without any interruption. So the real challenge is to revamp, redevelop or amend the functional infrastructure.

The gigantic horizontal mass encompassing the land, with the heritage and culture reflecting the reverberated visually and holistically with its sturdy incarnations and red renderings.

One of the main railway stations amongst the 10 stations selected by the Ministry of Railways in collaboration, with NBCC happens to be Charbagh, which falls under the Northern Railways. The inception towards the notional redevelopment is subject to partake with the travelers, as an intermodal hub is envisioned to be established in the realistic grounds of Charbagh.

Station Specifics
To withhold the human dynamism in terms of spatial composition, widespread and height of clearance concourse with GI metal double standing seam roofs are planned to be deliberated on the first level, above ground. The concourses will host spaces for multiple functional modules that primarily serves commercial stalls, food courts, sophisticated seating spaces, charging portals, X-Ray scanning zones, kiosks, cloakrooms, ATM, VIP lounge, green spaces and other general spaces.
The concourse being widespread and huge in terms of space, the traipse ought to be eased for which, travellators are included as a mean of vertical circulation. The concourse is connected to the ground level and further below as well as above by elevators, lifts and wide staircases. From the concourses, foot over bridges (FOB) lead ways to exit the railway station. This relaxes the basement arrivals as multiple options to exit the station complex are enabled.

Facets and Geometrics
In the circumferential periphery of the station, six discrete plots have been identified for centripetal neighborhood up-gradation with noble and introspective functional services. The first and foremost pre-requisite, is to elevate the overall morale and standards of the railway station to global superiority in terms of its services, circulatory convenience, materialistic finishing, aesthetic and population holding functional caliber without the tedious rush and push that the orthodox Indian railway stations portray.

The platforms are congested with the flow of people to and from the platforms, in and out of the station. With notions to tackle this collision of passenger traffic, entry and exit points are planned to be bifurcated into two different and separate domains of spaces. The entry of the building is subjected to be through the ground level whereas the parking could relatively go to the basement, so as to enable freedom in the drop off services in the ground level.

The current access points to the railway station would be comprehensively made for the approaching crowd, as it by default leads to various platforms and ticket counters by the parent planning. The arrivals are equally mighty in terms of the populace, hence they are taken to the basement, thereby defining the exit. To the South of the existing railway station, lies the streak of railway tracks. Further beyond the tracks, plot 2 has been formulated to serve the function as a rear entry edifice to the Charbagh station.

This holistic and broad visional version of approach with sustainable, future adaptable and people user-friendly measures to the Charbagh railway station, undeniably garner public appreciation with active participation. Such advanced architectural interventions are very much in command to cater to the future needs of the rapidly developing population and subsequent global metaphorical expressions of growth.

CHARANJIT Shah and Gurpreet Shah
Principal Architect, Creative Group

The rear entry building is connected to the concourse of the main building through FOB and concourse above the rail level. The metro station is also connected to the primary concourse that is behind the existing Charbagh railway station concourse and FOBs. This facilitates passengers travelling through metros to directly enter the railway station without taking the additional pain of stepping onto the road to cross and reach the railway station. An FOB provisioning change in levels with a connective concourse enhances the passenger movement expeditiously. Alongside, on other neighboring plots that are identified as plot 3, building complexes with commercial spaces, showrooms, corporate offices, hospital and different range of hotels are visualized to be designed as a part of redevelopment agenda. These services are identified to be the most indigenous necessities of public interest.

The commercial spaces feed and quench the needy, wherein, the hospital helps the defendants from not being forced to travel into the city in search of medical services. Incoming patients from other regions would be benefited with a hospital about the railway station. The corporate offices nevertheless comfort the floating population of workforce floating into the city of Lucknow, by providing ease in access to the workspace within the periphery of city’s significant railway station. The plot 4 serves as residential quarters for the railway staffs, alongside hotels and accommodation facilities. Plots 5 and 6 nonetheless offer built spaces for similar functions as of the building on plot 3 does, by mean, corporate offices, commercial shopping corridors, showrooms, etc. All these plots are cohesively connected through concourses above the rail and road levels, hence relieving the pressure on roads by pedestrian interruptions as well as vehicular ruckus.

The basic drawings are prepared in AutoCAD after conceptualizing it with hand sketches for the basic idea, the design is developed in BIM interface like Sketch up where each, and, every part of the drawings responds collectively. Also, the animation and renders are being prepared in 3dsMax.

In simple dictums, a new and noble set of built attachments to the existing railway station unit, not only advances to quench the needs of future but also defines and magnifies the overall morale of the city fabrics. The concept of sustainability is substantially overlooked to reduce the carbon footprints to meet ends in the future, hence lush green spaces are gushed into various regions of the intermodal hub.

Plantations in the basement serve aid to the fumes let out by vehicles. Similarly, trees and plants are subjected to be plotted in and around the glass, steel and concrete structures. Solar panels could serve the basic electricity dependence of the multifunctional concourses, while potted plants can nourish and create a holistic aura in the waiting lounge.

Fact File

Client: RLDA, NBCC
Architect: Creative Group
Consultant: Ahluwalia Developers and Contractors
Steel Tonnage: 9968 MT
Status: Ongoing